What A Legend APK 0.6 1

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If you're looking for a great adult simulation game to play, then try What a Legend APK full unlocked today. Here, you'll meet lovely characters, enjoy the story and become a legend.

What A Legend APK 0.6 1
Name What A Legend
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 0.6 1
Size 670 MB
Category Arcade
Developer MagicNuts
Price Free

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What a Legend APK – Adult Simulation

There are many types of games available today that you can enjoy. You can play many enjoyable games when you're into simulation ones today.

These games let you have fun as you enjoy different scenes and characters today. But if you're looking for an adult simulation game with a great story, then you can try What a Legend! This game lets you into a whirlwind of great adventures.

what a legend apk gameplay

In this game, your goal is to lose your virginity which is why you ventured into the most fantastic city. Here, you'll find plenty of beautiful ladies, magical creatures, and different adventures that await you.

You can interact with different people in this game as you go to different places here. You can enjoy the unique story as you choose your path in this game. There are a lot of fun dialogues and explicit scenes that you can enjoy here.

Go on an Adventure

You can enjoy quite a lot of simulation games right now on your phone. If you're a player who enjoys simulation games, you can find many games today that accommodate your specifications.

There are a lot of fun simulation games that you can download right now which incorporate unique elements. With so many games today under the simulation genre, you can find many fun ones to enjoy. But if you're into adult simulation genres, you freely download What a Legend right now.

what a legend apk full version

This adult simulation game features a unique story that you can enjoy. Here, you're free to have fun as you freely dive into the world of a lucky guy where you can become a legend.

Here, your goal is to lose your virginity which is you went into a city full of beautiful girls. Here, you'll meet plenty of women with different backgrounds and preferences. You can also enjoy different locations that you can visit as you follow the story.

In this game, you can make your own choices and enjoy meeting different characters. There are different explicit scenes that you can have fun with here!

What a Legend Capabilities

If you're someone who's looking for a great game to play, then you can download What a Legend right now.

what a legend apk english

Enjoyable adult simulation – You're able to enjoy so many types of games right now. If you're looking for something new to play, then there are various simulation games to enjoy now. These games are so exciting that they let players enjoy a unique story.

You can have fun with many games right now under the simulation genre. With What a Legend, you can become a legend by enjoying your time with many girls.

In this game, you can go to the most fantastic city where you'll meet tons of different characters. You first need to find a way to get to the city, but you don't have any permit.

Here, you can talk to different people as you select the best response that you can think of. In this game, you can enjoy many explicit scenes as you follow the game's main story. There are many places you can visit here and characters you can interact with.

what a legend apk latest version

Unique characters – In this game, you can enjoy interacting with unique characters as part of the story. Since this is a simulation game, you can enjoy adult scenes with different women looking for love.

But first, you'll need to build your relationship with these women for them to trust you. You can meet many women in this game, such as Simmone, Lana, and many more. You can also enjoy the unique story as you select the best responses today.

Different scenes – You can enjoy doing explicit things in this game since this is an adult simulation game. You're free to do adult things with different characters here as you become a legend.

what a legend apk how to save

You'll meet various characters here, and you're able to do adult things like a spy, foot job, toys, dominance, and many more. You can unleash your fetishes and play with the women as much as you want here. The graphics and the gameplay are fun and realistic!

Fun locations – You can enjoy the game more thanks to the various locations you can visit. You're free to roam around the city searching for some women as you enjoy the story here. You can sleep, walk around, and do many things here now!

Download What a Legend APK – English version

If you love playing adult simulation games, then What a Legend is a fun new game you can try!

Download What A Legend [670 MB]
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