Slash & Girl APK 7.9.997000

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Download Slash and Girl APK Latest Version free for Android. Enjoy the endless running fun, as you cut down anything in your path.

Slash & Girl APK 7.9.997000
Name Slash & Girl
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 7.9.997000
Size 470.48 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer RedFish Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.slash.girl.redfish

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Endless run games are always a raving genre of games. They test your won cognitive skills and are super-addicting. In addition, action slash games are just as huge a genre. So, let’s mix the two together and get even greater results. Download Slash and Girl for Android and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Take your badass girl out onto the field in various game modes and run through the automated path. But, avoid the Jokers that are here to stop you. Although, swiping away from them isn’t the only way to avoid danger. Just slash right through them. Your girl, sword in hand, will totally decimate anything that tries to stop her.

Slash and Girl Top Features

Check out the slash and running features for all to revel in during gameplay…

  • Slash through tons of Jokers. Cut your passed any competition and obstacles in your way.
  • There are multiple game modes with different focuses. Fever is built for speed, for example. Gain more and more velocity as you swipe down and become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Customize your girl. Choose various costumes, suits, and weapons to personalize your own runner the way you like. Keep that extra layer of immersion to your experience and that’ll keep anyone playing for longer.


Slash and Girl controls like any other Endless Run game you would like. However, there are a few extra mechanics added to the basic controls which add to the fun. Of course, we are referring to the sword fighting and slashing mechanic included.

Your girl will automatically slash up enemies as you swipe left and right on your mobile screen. In addition, swiping up will have your character leap into the air, while a down swipe will have them perform a rolling attack.


All of these different swipe commands, mixed with the constant speed and rate of obstacles turn a seemingly simple game into a test of skill. Do you have the hand-to-eye coordination to handle of these factors? Go ahead and challenge yourself.


Let’s talk about the graphics for one minute. Slash and Girl brings enjoyable 3D graphics in HD that keeps the gameplay fresh and fun.

In addition, the animations are smooth and crisp. Playing the game and using swipe commands feel so natural and satisfying. For this reason, everything relating to the visuals of this endless running game are stunning and brilliant.

Overall, we would give the graphics and animations an 8/10.

Slash and girl APK Free Download

That’s not all, you can get your hands on the Slash and Girl APK latest version for your Android. This version will bring you some extra benefits to slash passed natural roadblocks. Meaning, you won’t need to grind up some cash for your cosmetic and customization needs. That being said, you will be able to gain the following when choosing the modified APK.



With that being said, you won’t even need to work your way to those financial goals for cosmetics and customization. There no reason to worry about these small issues, when they can be directly skipped.

So, go ahead and get the Slash and Girl Endless Run APK for Android. You won’t regret the decision to play such an amazingly addicting and fun game for your mobile device.

Download Slash & Girl [470.48 Mb]


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