Bouncemasters APK 2.4.1

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If you want to enjoy a casual game, then try Bouncemasters now. In this game, you can enjoy trying to bounce off and go as far as you can. Enjoy the game now.

Bouncemasters APK 2.4.1
Name Bouncemasters
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.4.1
Size 160.20 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Playgendary Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.playgendary.sportmasters

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Do you love casual games that are easy and fun to play? If you enjoy penguins, seals, the South Pole and all things ice, then you have a good taste. There are many fun games centered around these topics and they usually are addictive. But if your goal is to enjoy all of these topics in one game, then you should play Bouncemasters right now. This is a game that lets you launch a penguin as far as you can today.

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In this game from Playgendary Limited, you’ll just need to launch a penguin as far as you can by hitting it with a bat. Here, you’ll have a polar bear hit the penguin so that it will go through countless locations and obstacles. Here, the farther you get, the more coins you can potentially collect. You can unlock plenty of locations and bats today and you can also upgrade a lot of tools. Can you beat your high score?

Launch Penguins

There are virtually plenty of casual games available today thanks to many game companies. A lot of people today use their smartphones for casual gaming whether on break or at the school. There are so many casual games that offer a fun break for everyone regardless of their age. Because of this, you can enjoy quite a lot of games today such as Bouncemasters. This is a different type of casual game that allows you to enjoy a fine casual game today.

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In this game, your main objective is to hit the penguin with a bat using the polar bear as hard as you can. This is to launch the penguin in the air as far as it can physically go at the moment. Along the way, the penguin can collect many coins, avoid obstacles and enjoy many other rewards and achievements as well. Here, you can keep going farther every time and your distance will be recorded each time as well.

Enjoy plenty of locations and areas today that you can play with and enjoy. Here, there are also different bats that you can unlock such as a meat, a lollipop, a flamingo a fish, a pan and many more.

Bouncemasters Features

If you’re into penguins and seals, then you must download Bouncemasters now. This is an enjoyable game that challenges your baseball skills.

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Launch the penguin – Although there are penguins on the zoo, these creatures are the best to be seen at their natural habitat. They live in Antarctica which is at the South Pole and there are virtually no humans that live there. This is why these animals have been the subject of many games because of their cute and cuddly appearance. Bouncemasters is one of the newest and the best games showcasing these animals as well as others!

In this casual game, your goal is to hit the penguin and to reach as far as you can. This game will test your baseball skills as you use a polar bear to hit a penguin today and reach far places. Try to time your hits perfectly so you can get far and collect many coins as well as avoid many obstacles today. You can also unlock many types of bats from pans to a fish to a hammer and even the Infinity Gauntlet!

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Unlock many areas – In this game, there are many locations you can unlock right now. First, you’ll start at the icy plains of Antarctica where various seals and frigid waters can be seen all around. Here, you can go as far as you can to unlock different areas and earn as many coins and gems as you can. Then, you unlock other areas that have unique and colorful backgrounds today! Enjoy going as far as you can and meeting various animals and obstacles as well.

Collect powerful bats – In this game, your main weapon will be the bats you’ll use to hit the penguins. Each bat has their own stats and unlocking a new one will bring a unique skill. Here, there’s the regular wooden bat, a shovel, a lollipop, a flamingo, a pan, a mailbox, and many other silly things. Here, you can get unique stats for each bat such as an additional beat force, rebound, max speed, amazing kick, and many more.

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Upgrade your penguin – You can also upgrade your penguin today which will enable you to get stronger, to increase its speed, increase its beat force and rebound. Here, upgrading these stats will cost you money!  

Fun graphics and sound – Enjoy the most prolific penguin game in existence. The fun graphics and sounds are enough to turn any penguin-loving player into a fan instantly!

Download Bouncemasters APK

What’s not to love about penguins? In Bouncemasters, you’ll get to enjoy the vastness of the South Pole today.

Download Bouncemasters [160.20 Mb]


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