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Here at TechBigs, we’ve been churning out mod games and apps for you every single day. Our mission is to provide the best Android mod APK apps to keep you playing even amidst the situation today. Yet as you know, it isn’t free to publish a website nowadays, especially one this big.

With that, we’re asking for any help you can give, no matter how little or big, to keep the site running.

How Will Your Donation be Used?

As you know, we produce content day in and day out. With this, we have a lot of maintenance expenses such as hosting, SEO specialists, writers, and more. You’ll be delighted to know that your donation will be put into all of these expenses so that the site may keep running.

With this, you can expect the same high-quality content that you’ve been getting from the site. But we can promise that we’ll bring even more amazing games and apps in the future if the donation is big enough that it allows us to do so.

But however big or small you give today, know that it will be put to good use and that ultimately – it will come back to you.

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Donating is something that you do voluntarily. That’s why we’re not forcing anyone to donate. We’re grateful if you donate, but we won’t be banning you from the site even if you don’t donate.

But the amount you give today, may come a long way later on. It will allow us to move forward and to continue providing you with entertaining games that will get you through a bad day. You see, we love games and apps as well but we can’t go far with just passion alone.

How do I donate?

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Final Words

TechBigs is a home for every game and app lover today. It provides entertainment and comfort for people even amidst the crisis we face right now. Because of this, we’d love to keep this safe place running for a long time for everyone.

Thank you very much and we hope to continue providing you the best service possible!