Streets of Rage 4 APK 1.4

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Do you love arcade fighting games? Download Streets of Rage 4 APK now. Enjoy a fun game where you can beat up countless opponents using characters.

Streets of Rage 4 APK  1.4
Name Streets of Rage 4
Compatible with Android 9+
Last version 1.4
Size 638M
Category Arcade
Developer Playdigious
Price $7.99
Google Play Link com.playdigious.sor4

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Download Streets of Rage 4 APK – Classic Fighting Game

You’re free to enjoy so many types of games to download and play now. There are a lot of them in different categories for you to try, from fighting to racing to RPG and more.

streets of rage 4 apk download

There are thousands of mobile games available for everyone to play and enjoy now. You can enjoy a lot of fun games today, but with Streets of Rage 4, you can enjoy a fun classic fighting game.

Before 3D games dominated the mobile scene, arcade games were the soul of gaming. Many games today are bringing back the arcade experience with the classic design and gameplay. This one is no different as it brings back the golden age with cartoon graphics and impressive fighting mechanics.

You’ll enjoy a 2D game where you’ll face a crime syndicate that has corrupted even the police. In this fun game, there are so many incredible characters to unlock and many levels to play.

Classic Arcade Fighting Game

You can enjoy a lot of fun games to play right now as there are so many of them. There are games to enjoy anytime you want, from action to racing to fight to RPG.

streets of rage 4 apk free download

There are all sorts of modern and classic games that you can enjoy anytime you want now. But if you’re itching to play a classic fighting game, you can install Streets of Rage 4 now and enjoy.

In this game, you can enjoy the classic arcade fighting style once again with beautiful cartoon graphics. In this game, you’ll fight against an evil syndicate that has taken over the streets.

You’ll be using your fists and the help of your friends to beat up a lot of evil people. In this game, there are many levels to enjoy and 12 stages to conquer. There are also a lot of modes to enjoy, like Training, Arcade, and Story.

If you’re searching for a fun game to pass your time, this may be it!

Features of Streets of Rage 4

If you’re itching to play a fun fighting game, you can download Streets of Rage 4 now and enjoy.

streets of rage 4 apk latest version

Classic fighting game – There are many games that you can download and enjoy today. In the fighting genre, you can enjoy quite a lot of fun games that will provide you with fun. Incredible games are available, from racing to fighting to RPG and more.

But if you’re into fighting and looking for a classic but modern game, then Streets of Rage 4 is the one for you. This game combines classic graphics with a modern style!

This game will remind you of the good old arcade fighting games as it’s like Tekken. Here, you’ll fight against many bad guys on various levels as the difficulty increases. You’ll fight using a variety of moves and using five different characters that you can unlock.

If you enjoy different stages, this game provides you with many fun characters and modes to enjoy, like Arcade, Story, and Training. There are a lot of guys to beat up here!

Retro characters – In Streets of Rage 4, you can unlock and play five different characters today. Each of them has different skills and moves that you can use in battle. This game has a lot of levels for you to enjoy as you test out your skills in fighting today.

streets of rage 4 apk mod

The game allows you to punch, kick, dodge, jump and do a lot of combos as you fight against strong opponents. You can also power up using many items such as food, stars, and more in the game. You’ll fight plenty of bosses here.

Twelve stages – There are 12 stages for you to complete and enjoy in this game. Each one features multiple levels to conquer as you fight against many evil thugs.

This game lets you let out your skills in a duel to the death as you use your fists and various melee weapons available. There are so many bad guys to fight here as you teach them all a lesson. The best thing about this game is that you can fight using all your skills today.

3 Modes – This game has three modes for you to enjoy. The first one is the Story Mode, where there will be a lot of dialogues and cutscenes. Here, you’ll enjoy 12 stages where. Each one is difficult to complete.

Then, there’s the Training where you can fight against AI opponents to hone your skills. Lastly, the Arcade game lets you fight against tons of opponents.

streets of rage 4 apk

Cartoon graphics – This game features familiar cartoon graphics which lets you have fun. The controls are easy, and you can enjoy a good time playing this one.

Download Streets of Rage 4 APK – latest version

Do you want to beat up some thugs? Download Streets of Rage 4 now and enjoy a classic arcade fighting game.

Download Streets of Rage 4 [638M]


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