Megapersonal APK 1.0 (Dating App)

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If you want a direct dating app, MegaPersonal APK is for you! Download the app today and enjoy meeting with people now. Send a message, email, or chat directly.

Megapersonal APK 1.0 (Dating App)
Name Megapersonal
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.0
Size 32 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Mega Personal LTD.
Price Free

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Download MegaPersonal APK – Amazing Dating App

There are many fantastic dating apps today that allow us to meet people online. Over the years, these apps allowed users to meet and enjoy dating online, which is the norm today.

We can enjoy many features from dating apps now, but they’re helpful for so many people worldwide now, especially during the pandemic. But if you’re looking for a unique dating app, you can download MegaPersonal today! This is an app that lets you meet with people today.

megapersonal app

With so many amazing and unique apps that you can download right now, this one stands out among the rest. This isn’t your regular dating app, as it’s more of a classified ads service for people looking to meet now.

Here, you’ll be able to post ads looking for certain types of people to meet. You can set it up to meet with men, women, trans, and more. Here, you’re free to respond to the ad via text, phone, or email!

Meet People Now

There are many enjoyable apps that we can download right now for many purposes. Conclusion: there are camera apps, dating apps, games, maps, and many more that can provide us different features.

If you’re someone who’s looking for love online, you can download various dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, and many more. But if you’re looking for an app that lets you enjoy a way to meet with people quickly, then MegaPersonal is the app for you. This is a classified ads app that will allow you to meet people.

megapersonal apk latest version

Please think of this app as the Craigslist dating apps since it quickly connects people to others easily. This dating app functions differently from popular ones since it’s a classified ads app for dating.

Here, you can meet people now without matching and chatting like in various dating apps. You can post an ad and choose your location so you can get a reply. Then, you can communicate with people through phone, text, or email.

With this app, you’re free to meet different genders, from male, female to transgender!

Highlights of MegaPersonal

If you’re looking for a way to meet people quickly, then MegaPersonal is the app to download.

megapersonal apk

Direct Dating App – There are so many fantastic dating apps today that you can download, which allows you to meet people online. These apps will enable us to connect with people in our area to chat and call them.

Because of the convenience that these apps bring, we’re able to enjoy meeting new people each day. These apps also allow people to find true love easily since they can do it anytime. With MegaPersonal, you’re able to enjoy a classified ads app that will enable you to meet with people now.

This dating app functions differently from your typical dating apps! You can treat this app as an app that allows you to meet with people directly. This function is that you can post an ad, and people will reply to them today.

You can choose your location today so you can quickly meet with people in your area with this app! Here, you’re able to enjoy meeting with different genders, and you can enjoy many functions.

mega personal apk

Meet with people in your area – With MegaPersonal, you’re able to meet with people online! This is like a Craigslist dating app in which you can post an ad today and enjoy the replies.

Here, you’re free to meet with many people in your area in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Oceania. With this app, you can post your ad and get responses from many people in your area so you can meet with them quickly.

Many genders – In this app, you can enjoy an inclusive dating app today. Here, you can choose what type of people you’re seeking today.

Feel free to enjoy the different categories like W seek M, M seeks W, M seeks M, W seeks W, and trans. With this app, you can freely choose your preferred gender so that you don’t have to type them manually.

megapersonal apk download

Communicate with people – Here, you can contact people through phone, text, email, and more. You can freely converse with people outside the app since the app doesn’t have a chat function like regular dating apps.

Download MegaPersonal APK – Latest version

If you’re looking for a date today, download MegaPersonal now and quickly meet people today!

Download Megapersonal [32 MB]
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