Heroes Inc APK 2.1.0

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Are you someone who loves superheroes to the death? Enjoy Heroes Inc APK today and get creative with creating your own heroes! Combine unique things now!

Heroes Inc APK 2.1.0
Name Heroes Inc
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.1.0
Size 122.98 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Lion Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link com.blueflamingo.herolab

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Superheroes are extraordinary people who have been endowed with superhuman strengths so they can save countless people. We’ve seen a lot of them in comics, movies and shows over the years and their popularity is surging high. Today, most people have watched the Avengers and similar superhero movies. But if you’d love the idea of being able to create your own hero, then play Heroes Inc right now! This is a game wherein you have the power and ability to create heroes from scratch.

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Show people your creative side by combining different elements together to form a superhero! For instance, you can combine an eyeball with a gem to get the superhero Optico. This hero is capable of blasting anything with his laser beams that he shoots from his eyes. Here, you’ll then enter a level filled with various obstacles and enemies! Collect rewards and blast enemies now!

Build Your Heroes

You may have watched a lot of superhero movies and shows by this time. There are a lot of them now from the DC universe to the Marvel universe, you have a lot of superhero content to choose from. From Iron Man to Captain Marvel to Batman, you can enjoy a lot of these superheroes as they save the day from the evil forces. But how would you like it if you suddenly have the ability to create your own heroes? What would you be able to accomplish?

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In Heroes Inc, you’ll need to save the day by creating your very own versions of superheroes. This can be achieved thanks to your laboratory so you can experiment on different types of heroes. Creating one is as simple as combining two different elements together to fuse one superhero. The result will be dependent on the type of elements you combine! Here, there are various elements that you can unlock and combine.

There are also different types of superheroes you can create that have unique powers. There are those that can create ice waves, shoot laser from their eyes and more.

Capabilities of Heroes Inc

If you’ve watched superhero movies before, then you know that each of them has unique powers. The same is true in Heroes Inc!

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Make Your Own Superhero – It’s fun watching heroes obliterate evil forces and save the world from destruction. We always crave for action and justice to be served especially since we live in a world where the weak perishes. In our world today, we’re in dire need of heroes that will lift us up from our situation. In Heroes Inc, you get the power to create a superhero on your own! Get on your lab and start combining different elements together.

Here, there are different objects you’re free to combine to create the most unique hero possible. You can unlock and fuse different materials together such as muscles, eyeballs, fire, ice and radioactive waste. There are a lot of combinations that you can unlock today that produces different superheroes. Get your hands on the best materials possible to fight different aliens and enemies in the game. Try to test out your superhero’s skills now!

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Combine Individual Elements Together – There are different elements that you’re free to unlock in this game. From hollow blocks to a foot to different elements, you can combine them together! Unlock many superheroes today and enjoy earning rewards from eliminating enemies in the game. There are different elements in the game that you can unlock with every element you combine together today.

Collect Various Heroes – In Heroes Inc, you can combine elements together to create a unique hero from scratch. Here, you can unlock many types of heroes with unique abilities such as one with laser beams, radioactive powers, super strong foot, ice powers, and many more. What’s even more fascinating is that you can upgrade your heroes to make them stronger! Here, you can view your hero collection to see how many of them you’ve unlocked.

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There are definitely a ton of superheroes you can create from your laboratory today. Speaking of laboratory, you can also upgrade it! This will allow you to house more heroes and to get new elements. Have fun with your experiments today and show the fruits of your labor by fighting enemies.

Fight villains and earn rewards – After creating a unique superhero, you can go ahead and test it out on the battlefield, here you’ll fight plenty of different enemies from robots to aliens and many more. They each have different powers that you can test your superhero on.

Download Heroes Inc APK

Don’t succumb to boredom today! Play Heroes Inc and enjoy creating a wide range of superheroes!

Download Heroes Inc [122.98 Mb]


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