Factory Inc APK 2.3.80

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Download Factory Inc APK – latest version – for Android to get a glimpse of what it’s like running a factory!

Factory Inc APK 2.3.80
Name Factory Inc
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.3.80
Size 101.32 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer hypercube game limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.playhardlab.factory

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Cheetah Games have been known to churn out popular and trending games in the gaming industry for years now. So, it comes as a no surprise when they made Factory Inc. APK which has over 10 million installs now.


In this game, you are the one in charge of creating, maintaining and running a factory company. Even if you have no idea how factory works, you’ll learn everything in this game. And as your brand becomes more well-known to the masses, you can expand your operations to cover more ground and turn it into one of the largest chain factories worldwide. Are you ready to harness your factory running power? Read on!

Factory Inc Gameplay

Have you ever wanted to have your own business before? Or have you always been curious what it’s like to be the boss of your own company? Well, you don’t have to dream anymore! Your dream is now a reality – at least in Factory Inc. APK.

In this game, you need to learn everything you can on how machines work and how the process as a whole works. It’s not as easy as it seams and it’s that part that makes this such a massive hit. You need to know how to operate more than 20 machines and each type is responsible for producing only a certain part of a product. In order to become the best factory, you need to learn how to make these seamlessly work and be efficient in doing so.


But when you achieve harmony and efficiency, all the rewards you reap are yours for the taking! There are more than 90 product types to produce such as toys, cars, motorcycles, appliances and more! Learn how to run a successful business right here in this game!

Features of Factory Inc

This game has a lot of features that may be confusing at first. But as you go along the game, you’ll understand how things work and the process by which things operate. Are you excited to run your very own factory? Here are the features of Factory Inc:

Earn money – The main goal of any business is to be profitable, otherwise there’s no need to run it at all. In Factory Inc. your task is to sell as many of your products as you can. This means improving product quality and ensuring efficiency to the highest standards possible. Most people are consumers in real life, this game allows them to get a good glimpse on how companies manufacture and operate daily. The things you learn in here are very much applicable in real life!


Various types of machines to operate – One of the most exciting aspect of this game is learning how to operate each type of machine. Take note that each type can only create a certain part of the product. And that each machine should be efficient enough to mass produce products. Learn how to make different products using simple and complex machines of up to 20 types. These range from general class to legend class. This will ensure that your business runs smoothly!

Different abilities – As with any company, managers are there to oversee different parts of the company. And they each have their own abilities. It’s your job to put them in the right department and guide them in the right direction. It’s the same in Factory Inc.


More than 90 products available – In this game, you’ll be able to manufacture up to 90 different products. These include smartphones, cars, furniture and many more. You’ll learn how each product is made and what exactly is need to run a profitable business revolving a product. Think you have the capacity to do just that?

Available for offline play – Most games today require you to have internet connection or mobile data just to play. We all know that that’s not possible at all times! We may be at a birthday, at the park or at a far away place when we need to play a game. At these times, these games are our only companions. The great thing about Factory Inc. is that you can play it offline!


Tips for Playing Factory Inc

Running a company isn’t a joke. It takes incredible amount of time, patience and understanding to even build one. So, we thought that we should help beginners with some helpful tips to guide you in this game. Having said that, here are the tips for playing Factory Inc:


Understand the basics of the game – In order to get the complexities of the game, you first need to understand the very basics. There are a lot of things you can do to maximize your income in Factory Inc. However, not all of them are worth your time. You’ll start off the game by manually producing your products and then once you sell a few, you can start buying some machines to help speed the process. You can also employ managers to help you out as you scale your production. When you earn money, you need to reinvest those into equipment and improving your old ones. The goal is to automate the entire process so that money will keep flowing in.

Click both boosters – In this game, there’s a money and a speed booster at the lower-right side of the screen. Tapping them will show you a video ad, afterwards it will reward you with double your income for a certain period of time. Make sure to always do this when available because this gives a significant boost in your sales.


Purchase and upgrade machines – Your machines are the soul of the production. Without them, you’ll be doing everything by yourself. So, it’s important to buy new faster and more powerful ones when you can or upgrade the existing ones if possible.

Factory Inc APK

Don’t want to watch ads or wait a long time for your business to be profitable? Download the free upgrade + buy now to enjoy a never-ending stream of income!

Download Factory Inc [101.32 Mb]


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