Atlantis Odyssey APK 1.72.3

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Can you survive on an island? Download Atlantis Odyssey APK here, you can search for resources, start a farm, explore various areas and survive!

Atlantis Odyssey APK 1.72.3
Name Atlantis Odyssey
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.72.3
Size 410.93 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Google Play Link com.vizorapps.atlantis

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Many survival games are available today, which you can play. If you’re someone who enjoys surviving on lonely islands, then you can play with so many games right now.

These games are fun as they pose a lot of challenges which lets you become self-sufficient. In the game Atlantis Odyssey, you’re stranded on an island with your hubby, and you must find a way to survive and become self-sufficient.

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 In this game published by Vizor Apps, you’ll be able to explore this uncharted island as you build and restore various buildings. You can freely explore and unlock new areas which will yield exciting new adventures.

 Here, you’ll meet familiar and new characters as you try to survive in this island life. You’ll be able to slowly build your island life here as you plant crops, search for food and use various items today. There are so many areas that you can explore, and you can cultivate today.

Survive and Explore

There are so many amazing games that you can download and play today. If you’re into survival life, there are numerous games that you can play and enjoy today. These are games that will test you a lot today as you go and search for various resources.

If you’re searching for the best survival games, you can try so many ones right now that are free. With Atlantis Odyssey, you’ll be able to enter the mysterious island of Atlantis as you can freely explore the area and its local culture.

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In this game, you’ll be able to enter and survive on the mysterious island of Atlantis. Here, you’ll find plenty of vegetation, local culture, buildings, and unexplored areas!

You’re free to explore and build your shelter here as you try to survive when your plane crashes. Here, you can go to various areas to collect food, weapons, tools, and other items. There are many quests to complete in this game, but the ultimate goal is to enjoy the adventure.

In this game, you’re free to explore various islands and enjoy the culture in them!

Atlantis Odyssey Highlights

If you’re searching for a game that will give you numerous adventures, then try Atlantis Odyssey today.

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Explore the island – There are so many great games to be played right now if you’re looking for adventure. These are games that will test you on your skills to survive and conquer many lands. If you think you have what it takes to survive, then you can download and play so many games right now.

There are so many unique and enjoyable survival games to be downloaded, such as Atlantis Odyssey. This is one where you can explore the islands of Atlantis and discover treasures beyond your understanding.

Your plane crashed into the island of Atlantis one day. Now, you’ll be able to begin your adventure as you discover so many areas and things that you can use. First, you can collect the resources you have on the plane to breed animals, harvest crops, and rebuild the structures here.

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There are many areas to explore and things to discover as you collect resources. What secrets will be discovered once you explore various areas? This game begs you to find that out for yourself today!

Collect and craft resources – In Atlantis Odyssey, you’ll be able to go to new areas as you collect various resources like rock, stone, fruits, grass, flowers, crops, and many more. You can go on countless adventures as you search for valuable things that you can store in your backpack.

Here, there are various items that you can find and even treasures that you can collect! You’re able to craft weapons and other tools here that you’ll need to survive. You can also enjoy crafting the buildings left behind by the ancient people.

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Unlock areas – This game lets you explore the islands of Atlantis. First, you’ll be able to survive in the crash site of the plane as you’ll discover many areas surrounding it. Here, you’ll find many ancient structures and areas that you can go to in search of resources and clues.

You’ll even find the magic town and even get a chance to meet the Atlantean civilization if you’re lucky! There are so many complex and exciting adventures that you can take in this game today.

Complete quests – In Atlantis Odyssey, you can complete various quests today in various areas. The game will ask you to explore uncharted lands and even discover unique items. There are so many things to complete here in this game today!

Download Atlantis Odyssey APK

If you’re someone who loves going on adventures, you can download Atlantis Odyssey APK.

Download Atlantis Odyssey [410.93 Mb]


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