Cave Shooter APK 1.1.42

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If you want to enjoy an idle shooting game, download Cave Shooter APK today and enjoy. Here, you’re free to shoot various enemies quickly and upgrade.

Cave Shooter APK 1.1.42
Name Cave Shooter
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.42
Size 1.05 Gb
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link com.eyougame.caveshooter

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Cave Shooter APK – Instant Shooting

There are so many idle games to be downloaded right now. You’re free to download these games right now since there are so many to choose from. The most popular games are AFK Arena, Fallout Shelter, Tap Titans, Idle Oil Tycoon, Bitcoin Billionaire, and many more.

These games let you manage things, so you don’t have to play like other games manually. With Cave Shooter, you can enjoy an idle shooting game that’s fun and unique.

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From Eyougame(USS), this one is a unique one that will test your skills in fighting and managing today. You’re able to enjoy many levels here where you can fight countless enemies and receive many rewards. You’ll be able to enter 10+ rooms with different yields and enemies you’ll face.

Feel free to have fun with so many unique features like the pets you can fight alongside. Plus, you can enjoy many skills that you can combine to face plenty of stronger enemies.

Idle Fighting

If you’re someone who enjoys so many idle games today, you’ll have fun with so many amazing ones right now. There are so many different types of idle games that you can play, from fighting to RPG to even business management.

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These games are fun and easy to play since they don’t require much focus and energy to be played. With so many available idle games today, you can enjoy a new shooting one. Try Cave Shooter now, and you’ll be amazed at the unique gameplay and graphics.

This game lets you shoot enemies with your weapon as you can enjoy so many skills to unlock and use. Progress through countless rooms today with nothing but your weapon, skills, and courage.

You can level up and gain many rewards in this game as you go through many levels. Feel free to enjoy many buildings where you can build your tribe. You can then enjoy doing many activities like Forge, Adventure, Talent, Pet, Hunt, and many more.


In this game, you can enjoy a primitive hunting era complete with supernatural phenomena!

Highlights of Cave Shooter

With so many idle fighting games available, you can download Cave Shooter now and enjoy a new one now.

Enjoy an idle shooting – If you’re someone who enjoys idle games, then you can enjoy so many available ones today. These games provide a lot of fun for players without the need to do many things right now.

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You’re free to enjoy so many idle games today since they’re free and enjoyable. But if you’re into idle fighting games, then Cave Shooter is one game that you should have on your phone. This is a game that will test your strategies and fighting skills today.

Here, you’re free to go on various levels to fight against plenty of different enemies like pigs, bats, wizards, and many more. Using your trusted spear, you can shoot it today to fight against hordes of enemies and earn rewards.

You’re also free to upgrade and unlock as many skills as possible to help you clear the levels. There are many challenging rooms to play in this game that will test your skills. Here, you can also enjoy many character costumes to unlock.

Many levels to enjoy – In Cave Shooter, you’re free to enjoy so many levels that you can freely unlock right now. There are so many enjoyable levels here to play where you’ll face countless enemies with unique powers.

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Some wizards shoot magic, bats that annoy you, and pigs that will come at you with everything they have. Here, the further you go, the stronger the enemies you’ll face! You can move around today to fight the enemies, but you’ll stop when you’re attacking.

Plenty of skills – Plenty of skills to enjoy using here will give you significant buffs. The skills you can get are categorized from combat skills, rare skills, legendary skills, and dual skills.

You can freely get as many skills as you can, so you can quickly clear various levels here today. You’ll enjoy plenty of enemies here where you can test your strength daily.

Character costumes – In Cave Shooter, you’re free to enjoy character costumes that you can unlock using the rewards you get here

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Feel free to unlock so many costumes today that will give you additional buffs as well. Unlock items as well so you can get unique features today!

Adorable pets – There are also many cute pets to unlock here which will accompany you in battle. Unlock the Triceratops, Pteroasauria, and many other pets so you can enjoy their unique abilities.

Download Cave Shooter APK

Download Cave Shooter now and enjoy the ultimate idle fighting game today so you can show off your skills.

Download Cave Shooter [1.05 Gb]


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