Wood Shop APK 3.0.0

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Download Wood Shop APK – latest version – for Android now to test your skills at virtual wood crafting. Are you up for the challenge?

Wood Shop APK 3.0.0
Name Wood Shop
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.0.0
Size 79.20 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.HeroGames.WoodShop

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Do you love crafting? Have you ever found yourself watching woodturning videos on YouTube for hours on end? Even though you’re not a professional woodcrafter, you can be with Wood Shop!

Practice your crafting and wood turning skills, create meaningful crafts and indulge in some meaningful game! It doesn’t have to be perfect at first! You just have to continue practicing and honing your craft. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and become a certified pro soon – at least in the game. Are you ready to test your skills? Read on to find out more!

Ready, Set, Turn!

It seems that everything these days have been turned into a game. There are games such as goat simulator, truck driver simulator and now we have Wood Shop. Not that we complain though because this game is awesome!


In this game, the task is simple. Try to carve the wood to match the target shape! Easy enough? Wrong. It isn’t as easy as you think! It requires precision work just like in real life. But don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips later in this article. Stay tuned for that.

In this game, almost all the process is the same in real life wood turning. You’ll get to know how to carve wood of all sizes and shapes so you’ll have a better idea in real life. Learn the art of wood crafting that pros all over the world do! Go ahead and try your hand at this, you might be a natural!

Wood Shop Features

Why should you download this game? Well, if you’ve ever been curious as to how your favorite works of arts were made, this is a good start. In here, you’ll learn how to craft incredible products all out of wood! Nothing beats hand made in this day and age. You’ll get to make incredible wood products and see the before and after results for yourself. Here are the features of Wood Shop:

Simple Controls – In this game, the control is too simple. You don’t have to do complicated things just to get somewhere. You just need to guide the tools to get rid of excess wood. This is to get the shape that you’re trying to make. It’s as simple as that! No fancy or unrealistic tools that will make the wood instantly perfect. You need to manually do it all yourself from crafting, removing excess wood to painting it. It involves precision work but once you get a score of 100, you’ll be satisfied with it!

Real as life graphics – Another thing that separates this one from other wood crafting games out there is the stunning graphics. Everything is as smooth as its realistic. Even if it’s just a smartphone game, it’s on par with every other simulation game for PC. That’s how magnificently beautiful the graphics of this game is.

Best of all, you won’t have a hard time figuring out what you’re crafting because of the bold 3D elements and the vibrant colors. Test your skills and find out if you can make it in real life as a wood craftsman!


Simplistic Gameplay – This is one of those hyper casual games you keep hearing about. Yes, even though the gameplay and controls only involve a simple touching and tapping, it’s much more complex than you thought. It’s highly addictive and it involves precision work at all times.

Tips for Playing Wood Shop

Even if this game seems easy at first glance, it requires focus and skills. The same principle applies in wood crafting in real life! So, in order to get 100% every time, you need to stop treating this just like a game and see it sort of like a practice. To help you with this, we’ve gathered these tips to help you maintain that 100% score each time!

Understand the stages – If you’ve played other wood carving game such as Woodturning 3D, you’ll probably say that they’re the same with this game. That is of course – not true. Their main difference is that Wood Shop is easier to play overall. Although that’s the case, you need to understand the fundamentals before you can call this an easy game. The first thing you need to do is to carve the white outline on the wood as it turns. You’ll have 3 chisels to choose from: flat, round and a pointed one. Then, you need to polish the wood to remove the excess. Lastly, you’ll paint the wooden sculpture to give it that nice and finished product look. That’s it! We’ll give you more tips on these stages below.

Try to score at least 60% - As a beginner in this game, you might find your first few wood sculptures to be failures. Don’t fret as that’s normal! The key is to score at least 60% (1 star) to move on to the next level. Scoring 81 – 96 percent gives you two stars and scores of 96 – 100% yields you 3 stars.

For the first couple of games, you might have a hard time getting the hang of it. But if you consistently find yourself failing, try to carve as accurately as you can and polish the rough edges. Also, don’t forget to watch a video ad in the end to triple your earnings!

Understand the different types of chisels – Much like in real life, you can’t just use any tool you wish to achieve the result you want. You need to have a proper understanding of what each type does and when to use it. The one with the square tip works perfectly when cutting through a straight line. On the other hand, the round tip is great for rounded edges and curves. Lastly, the pointed tip is for shorter straight lines. It’s also used for more precision work as you can zoom in to give you the most precise wood carving experience ever.

Wood Shop APK

If you don’t want to bother with ads and you want Unlimited Coins, install the Wood Shop free download apk now!

Download Wood Shop [79.20 Mb]


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