Cell to Singularity APK 25.68

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Download Cell To Singularity to uncover the twists and turns that led to civilization. Discover how life was created from nothing and enjoy 3D habitation.

Cell to Singularity APK 25.68
Name Cell to Singularity
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 25.68
Size 187.10 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer ComputerLunch
Price Free
Google Play Link com.computerlunch.evolution

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Cell To Singularity

Cell To Singularity APK is a unique mobile game designed by ComputerLunch and launched in April 2020. The game takes players into an incredible evolutionary tale. It was set in the stone age when no civilization or life existed. Things took a different turn, and specific compounds that could lead to the origin of life came on board. In the game, you will learn how these events took place. You can download this educative game on your iOS, Android or Windows device.

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Game Description

You might have no idea how many years have passed by since the formation of the Earth. The developers of this game lead us to believe that the Earth has undergone 4.5 billion years. If you have ever been curious about how the Earth was formed, you will find out soon. Also, if you are curious about our ancient history and all its features, Cell To Singularity  APK would provide the necessary information.

Prepare your mind for the education and adventure that is coming. You would have lots of fun as you unfold the evolution to come. The gameplay of Cell To Singularity APK's latest version is quite interesting. It ensures that you are packed with every information about the Earth's origin.

This game requires you to time-travel so that you can conveniently experience the Primordial Earth. Magic flows in nature, and that will cause your planet to create its first life. You will surely enjoy the life-changing adventures that await you. As your planet grows, extend help to little planets by helping them achieve the present biodiversity.

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Since the game takes an idle clicker setting, your evolution can move at a fast speed as you tap the screen. You can explore various development and enjoy different life forms when you play the game. Try out several skills as you try designing diversities on Earth. As the Earth evolves, you will have the opportunity to explore the critical milestones.

Cell To Singularity Gameplay

When you play Cell To Singularity, you will discover that the gameplay is addictive and educative. There are various evolutionary steps to be taken. You will enjoy the whole experience as you do the idle clicker. It would be best if you had a lot of life's currency (Entropy), and you can achieve that as you tap on your screen.

As you tap and earn Cell To SIngularity APK, you can use them for upgrades. If you need to fasten the progression of life on your planet, upgrade evolution and the game in general. Gather up cell molecules for spore expansion and modification. With these cells' expansion, those spores can move from primary to intricate.

Your planet would develop gradually. Everything will form without clearly, and you will see some creatures, animals and human development. You can collect cell molecules by tapping the screen. With each touch you make, you can gather cell molecules. Collect up to ten pieces of cell molecules at once.

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Prepare to have fun when you download Cell To Singularity APK lat. The simulation is straightforward and presents you with all the information you desire about the world's origin. You can earn Entropy when you log into the game daily. As you make some changes in the game, your planet will evolve, and things will regenerate.

Features of Cell To Singularity

Let us check out the notable features of Cell To Singularity APK:


As cells develop in the game, you will also notice humans begin to appear. Things will evolve, and humans will join them as well. Civilization is a stage in evolution. In this stage, you will be able to gather cell molecules and also points for civilization. These points will help you carry out your civilization swiftly. You can gather these points by tapping on your screen.

Special Species

Everyone knows that there are various kinds of species in the world. These species existed before humans appeared on Earth. The first species to grace the Earth were dinosaurs. The catastrophe of asteroids made them go extinct.

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As this goes on, Mesizoi Valley will be your new destination. You will see various dinosaurs there. This stage will introduce you to the time before history, and you will find out about other animals there.

Progressive Tree

Following the progressive tree, evolution will go through this route. To help you know how the cells, plants, Earth and animals developed, turn to the Singularity tree. The cells of the Earth begin from the tree and advance.

Watch the cells evolve in stages, from cell partitioning to the appearance of animals. Humans will appear as things go by. After human arrival, civilization follows.

Game Sound and Visuals

You will enjoy the game better when you enable the sounds from the game settings. The audio is befitting of the gameplay. It will guide you as you create life and develop your planet. The game's graphics follow a 3D layout. Every element is interactive and realistic.

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Final Thoughts

Cell To Singularity APK free download is available on our site, and you can easily follow the installation instructions. Many scholars and gamers will enjoy the game as it is very educative. Play the game regularly to understand how to enjoy the game. Learn new things as you play the Cell To Singularity APK download.

Download Cell to Singularity [187.10 Mb]


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