Roblox Music Codes 2023: Listen to Songs in the Game

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Today, many incredible games let you play even more games inside them. These games started with a handful of games, including Minecraft and Roblox.

These two are the most popular sandbox games that people regularly play. If you're someone who loves Roblox, then you should get all the Roblox music codes in this post right now for free!

roblox music codes 2021

You could play songs on Roblox using music ID codes if you didn't know. You can enter them through the boombox or the radio. There are a lot of songs that you can play today in the game so you can enjoy playing with friends even more.

Popular songs like Money by LISA, Say So, Milkshake, Meet Me at Our Spot, and many more. But each game is different in Roblox, so you'll need to read this guide at the end! You'll also know the music ID to popular songs here!

What are Music Codes in Roblox?

There are many games today that you can play on your phone. You can enjoy so many apps and websites right now, which you can download easily anytime you want.

Thanks to smartphones, we can easily download and enjoy so many fun and exciting games now. These games provide us with the best and most enjoyable things, such as Roblox. You're able to enjoy so many games that you can play inside this one right now.

roblox music codes 2021 tiktok

Aside from various games that you can play in Roblox, did you know that you can also play songs inside the game? Yes, you can listen to popular songs right now in the game where you can play them using the boombox or radio.

As games in Roblox have different mechanics and rules, you'll need to do different things to listen to music. Generally, you can play them using a boombox or through the radio in the game. Most games in Roblox lets you access a boombox easily.

Then, you need to input the unique music code that you can get on this page into the boombox to play the song. However, you'll need to play the music on the radio in many games. You'll need to purchase a Game Pass, which is priced differently by each game developer.

Then, you can input the music code to the radio so you can enjoy playing even more. As you know, there are many songs available in the world right now. On this page, you'll learn the best ones that you can play right now easily. You need to copy the music codes and paste them into Roblox!

Best Songs to Play in Roblox and their Music Codes

In Roblox, you can play music through the radio or boombox. There are specific codes for different songs right now. We've listed all the most popular songs and their codes in this list! Feel free to copy them and use them today on Roblox.

roblox music codes

The significant part is you can play thousands of songs today in Roblox! Various genres are available like rap, pop, jazz, classical, funk, hip-hop, metal, and even anime songs!

  • Billie Eilish – NDA – 7079888477
  • Amaarae – SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – 8026236684
  • Kelis – Milkshake – 321199908
  • Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams – 8036100972
  • The Anxiety – Meet Me At Our Spot – 7308941449
  • Ashnikko – Daisy – 5321298199
  • BTS – Butter – 6844912719
  • Belly Dancer x Temperature – 8055519816
  • Lil Nas X – Industry Baby – 7253841629
  • Glass Animals – Heat Waves – 6432181830
  • Egg – 5128532009
  • Caillou Trap Remix – 212675193
  • RUNNING IN THE OOFS! (EPIC) – 1051512943
  • Wide Put in Walking Audio – 5356051569
  • Attack on Titan Theme – 237361114
  • Demon Slayer Gurenge – 3201020276
  • Chika Fujiwara Dance – 6334590779
  • Fukashigi No Carte – 2649819366
  • Death Note Theme – 158779833
  • Boku No Hero Academia – 2425229764
  • Black Clover Theme – 2417056362
  • Sunset Lover - 406630973
  • Yellow Hearts- ant saunders 4287694072
roblox id song code

There are many more music codes for Roblox that you can find online today. We've just listed the best and the most popular right now. But if you want to search for more, then you can freely use various sites like these:


Roblox allows players to enjoy millions of games right now. You can also enjoy millions of songs that you can easily play right now in these games. You can enjoy so many songs that you can play right now in the Roblox Mod APK. You need to get the codes right here so you can enjoy them today!


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