Railbound APK 3.04

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Download Railbound APK latest version and solve a chain of puzzles to help everyone get home safely. You must link up various coaches to the engine to start the train.

Railbound APK 3.04
Name Railbound
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 3.04
Size 108.7 MB
Category Puzzle
Developer Afterburn
Price $4.99
Google Play Link com.Afterburn.Railbound

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In-Depth Details about Railbound APK

Railbound APK Android download is a puzzle game by Afterburn. It challenges your wits, creativity, and logic.

The game has many levels, each with different difficulty settings. It will start with straightforward levels to get you used to the mechanics. You must link up various coaches to the engine. The aim is to start the train and get everyone home safely.

railbound apk android download

The game gets progressively harder as you advance through the levels. Some of the later levels will be extremely challenging and will require a lot of thought and planning.

Railbound is a great game for people who enjoy puzzle games. Download it and test your mental prowess today!

Thought-Provoking Gameplay

Railbound APK is designed to challenge your mind, and the gameplay is deceptively simple but extremely addictive. You will get three fully-loaded coaches.

However, only one will have the engine. This coach cannot move unless it is linked up to the other two coaches. The aim is to connect all three coaches, allowing the engine to start the train.

This may sound easy, but it quickly becomes difficult. The game will stymie your progress with various obstacles. You must use your ingenuity and problem-solving skills to get past these hurdles.

There are dynamic/ unique ways to solve each puzzle. It is up to you to figure out the optimal solution. The game is super replayable, and you will often find yourself coming back to try and beat your previous score.

Lots of Interconnected Railway Tracks

This game takes place on a series of interconnected railway tracks. The different coaches must be routed through these tracks to reach the engine.

railbound apk android

You will have to contend with many different obstacles along the way. These include broken bridges, derailed trains, and other hazards. Navigating through these challenges is half the fun.

Even better, the game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics. The different railway tracks are brought to life with intricate detail. You will feel like you are managing a real railway system.

Easy Touch-and-Slide Controls

The controls in Railbound APK full version are easy to learn and use. You simply need to touch and slide the different coaches into place. The game is designed for one-handed use, allowing you to play it on the go.

This makes it perfect for short burst gaming sessions. You can quickly get through a level while waiting in line or commuting. The game is also great for long play sessions.

You can take your time and think through each puzzle. There is no time limit, and you can Relax and enjoy the experience.

Different Landscapes and Settings

The game takes place in different landscapes and settings. You will start in a small town but quickly move on to more expansive locations.

railbound apk download

The different levels are expertly designed and offer a unique challenge. You will need to use all your skills to get through them. Each level has been play tested to ensure a fun and fair experience.

150+ Puzzles to Solve

This game features over 150 different puzzles for you to solve. They include:

  • Different Types of Slopes. The type of slope you're dealing with will have a big impact on the difficulty of the puzzle. For example, steep slopes are much harder to get up than gradual ones.
  • Different Types of Hazards. The game will throw different hazards at you, such as broken bridges and derailed trains. You must be careful not to get caught in these. For example, a barrier might be in your way, and you'll need to go around it.
  • Twisted Passageways. The different railway tracks are often twisted and convoluted. You must use your knowledge of the different coaches to get them through these tricky spots.
railbound apk for android

How well you circumvent these obstacles will determine your score for the level. Ensure you unleash your inner strategist to get the best results.

Other Outstanding Features of Railbound APK Download

  • Different Rerouting & Connecting Techniques. You can place, remove, or reroute a rail. Before you pick your approach, take into consideration the different coaches you have. Their sizes and shapes will impact how you can connect them.
  • Lots of Tunnels to Add to the Thrill. The game features lots of tunnels which add to the level of excitement. Beware, some might be dark and foreboding. You must use your courage and strength to get through them.
  • Delay Trains. You can use timed barriers to your advantage. By delaying a train, you can get the other coaches through first. You can also take that time to reroute cars and clear the railway.
  • Pick Up Friends for More Fun. The game allows you to pick up friends along the way. This is a great way to add more people to your game and make it more exciting.
  • Well-Thought-Out Graphics. The graphics have a comical edge which makes the game more light-hearted. The different coaches and landscapes are designed with great detail.
railbound apk
  • Fun Sound Effects. The game features fun sound effects, which add to the overall experience. These include the sound of a train whistle and the sound of wheels on tracks.


Railbound APK free download offers an excellent gaming experience. The controls are easy to use, and the graphics are well-designed.

The game features different types of slopes, hazards, and tunnels. You must use your cunning and strategy to get through them. There are also lots of friends to pick up along the way.

This game is perfect for anyone who loves trains or puzzle games. It is also great for those looking for a new and exciting challenge. Download Railbound APK free today!

Download Railbound [108.7 MB]


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