MilkChoco APK 1.45.0

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Download MilkChoco APK – Unlmited money – for Android to experience cute but high action online FPS game filled with laughter. Are you game?

MilkChoco APK 1.45.0
Name MilkChoco
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.45.0
Size 253.54 Mb
Category Action
Developer GameParadiso
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gameparadiso.milkchoco

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If you’re like millions of players worldwide who enjoy online FPS games, then you’d surely love MilkChoco APK latest download 70. But, before you make the mistake of thinking that this is just an ordinary action shooting game, think again. MilkChoco APK on Android might just surprise you!


MilkChoco’s has a fun backstory. Once upon a time, Milk and Choco got into a heated argument about a cup of coffee. Why? Well, Milk being himself, wanted to add more milk to their cup. While Choco, being Choco, thought that they should add more Chocola. The result? This game!

The game has fun graphics and simple mechanics but it’s not that easy. As with any online FPS games, you need to hone your skills in shooting and get your reflexes to martial arts level in order to compete with the best.

Not Your Ordinary FPS Game

As we’ve said earlier, MilkChoco isn’t your typical FPS games. Although it has simple graphics and similar play mechanics, there’s more to this game than meets the eye. For one, the cute characters take away the stress of fighting unlike other big online FPS games.


But the mechanics is still the same and inspired by the Battle Royale games you’ve come to love such as Fortnite and PUBG. At the start of the game, players will be dropped into a map where the battle will take place. The last one standing is the winner and will get to decide what to put in the cup of coffee! But before that, you’re going to start the game completely naked, armed only with a spatula. You’ll then need to find resources such as guns, armor, grenades and health boxes. Unlike popular Battle Royale games, you don’t have a backpack to store your resources. This means that every item you pick up will replace whatever you’re currently holding!

Lastly, as with PUBG or Fortnite, you need to move inside the circle as the battlefield gets smaller after 2 minutes. All these while fighting others and protecting yourself. Easier said than done, right?

Meet Your Heroes in MilkChoco

As you can see, the characters are cute! But don’t mistake them for being weak, they can kill you instantly. The heroes in MilkChoco are divided into two factions, the white-colored heroes belong to the Milk Faction while the black-colored heroes are from the Choco Faction.


If you want to customize your hero, you can do so by buying diamonds to purchase costumes, accessories and other items. You can also buy the best weapon suitable for you and your hero in the shop.

The way this works is that each hero has different abilities and stats. It’s your choice to pick and collect the ones that are the best for you. Different heroes have different abilities such as a bombing skill, invisibility and so on. But to unlock a hero, you need to pay gold.

Cute but Difficult

In MilkChoco, you can’t make the mistake of thinking this is an easy game. With the cute heroes and fun gameplay, you can’t help but think so right? But to come out victorious, you need to have a high level of focus, understanding of the mechanics and the determination to win. You can’t expect to win with raw skills alone. You need to know the right skill and weapons combinations and utilize your surroundings to protect you.

Although remembering the perfect combination is hard, it’s the defining characteristic of the game. You see, if the game is just cute, then it’ll be too easy. But this way, the game becomes a challenge.

Low Specs Requirements

Another great thing about this game is the low memory requirement. Popular battle royale games can have over 1300 GB of system requirements which is frustrating for people with low spec devices.


However, MilkChoco only needs 60 plus MB of space! Yes, but before you think that the game doesn’t have high quality because of this, don’t. Despite of this, it has stunning graphics and great gameplay!

Top Tips for Playing MilkChoco

When you’re a new player, it’s easy to get tempted to get the game and just do everything you can. But that’s not the case with this game. MilkChoco APK 720 isn’t your typical Battle Royale FPS game. It has cute characters but the gameplay is just as hard. Having said that, here are the tips you need in order to win!

Get the recommended heroes – Before you mindlessly buy and spend all your diamond on some cool-looking heroes, hear us out. However fair the hero system in here is, there are certain heroes that stood out from others. Here are the recommended heroes to get:

  • Ghost – Although Ghost has a low healthy, he’s swift and great at close and long range. Paired with the UG-10 scoped rifle, and you’re basically a god.
  • Air – As with Ghost, Air also has low HP capacity but he is deadly with RS-11 and Bordeal. Keep in mind that his role is a supporter and a sniper.
  • MyoCat – One of the most popular heroes in MilkChoco, MyoCat is a beast on the battlefield. Paired with the Foson and the GG5, you’re going to annihilate a lot of players.

Familiarize Yourself with Each Map Objective – There are different objective on each map. Knowing them is sure to bring you advantage in the battle. Here are they:

  • Space Death/Maze Death – Kill more enemies than any of your opponents.
  • Escort – Escort your snail into the milk bottle safely.
  • Ice Bang – Freeze all the enemies to win.
  • Capture the Milk – Capture the milk bottles of your opponents then put it in your milk bottle.
  • Kill Devil – Eliminate all the green devils.

Download MilkChoco APK

If you want to have an unfair advantage over others, download the so that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Test out your skills now!

Download MilkChoco [253.54 Mb]


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