Crossy Road APK 6.2.0

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Download Crossy Road APK – latest version – Free for Android and answer the age-old question of why did the chicken cross the road in this fun and silly game!

Crossy Road APK 6.2.0
Name Crossy Road
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 6.2.0
Size 139.41 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link com.yodo1.crossyroad

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Have you ever wondered why the “Chicken crossed the road?” This age-old question has been popping up in the media in recent years. It started as a classic joke that has now been turned into a full-fledge mobile game!


Crossy Road by HIPSTER WHALE is a popular game with over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone! It’s safe to say that this popular game is loved by millions of players who just can’t get enough of its silliness. But what makes this game so addictive? What is this game all about? You’ll find that out and more by reading below!

What is Crossy Road?

When you look at Crossy Road for the first time, it doesn’t look like a blockbuster game. It doesn’t have flashy effects, powerful characters nor interesting storyline. But what it does have is a fun and unique gameplay that will keep you playing for hours on end.


In Crossy Road, the goal is to cross the road as one of the animals. But this isn’t your normal road. It’s littered with fast cars and rivers in between. You have to be swift and precise if you want to cross as long as possible. And that’s the goal in this game, there’s no end. You just need to pass your high score to be entertained.

The graphics is an 8-bit pixel with a hint of modernity in it. It feels nostalgic in a way but modern at the same time. This is how Crossy Road managed to charm 100 million people into downloading this fun game. But there’s more to it than meets the eye! Read on below.

Features of Crossy Road

Crossy Road appeals mostly to the kids. This fun game is a great way to past the time without too much commitment. Here are its features:

Characters – In Crossy Road, you will not only play with a chicken but with other fun characters that you love. You can collect over 150 retro-styled characters that will keep you entertained for hours! There isn’t any difference to these characters aside from their appearances but they’re all fun to play with! Collect them all by catching more coins to unlock them.


Endless Gameplay – In Crossy Road, there’s virtually no end to the game. It will only end once you mess up such as being hit by cars or drowning in the river. But in essence, this is an endless game with tons of fun waiting at you. But as time goes on, the pace becomes faster so you need to be more alert. This is how the game increases its difficulty to keep you challenged.

Multiplayer – In this game, you can play using the same device as a multiplayer. This is possible when you play Crossy Road on the big screen using Android TV. Now you can play against your friends and family!


Free to play – The perfect bonding for your family and friends doesn’t need to cost you anything! Crossy Road is a free to play game that allows you to have unlimited fun without spending a dime.

Easy controls – In this game, the controls are fairly easy. You just hit the directional keys and your character will automatically jump. You need to calculate your moves though because every pixel in here is calculated unlike in open games.


Beautiful retro graphics – Crossy Road features an 8-bit classic graphics that will bring back colorful memories. If you like Minecraft, then you’ll love Crossy Road as it has similar graphics!

Crossy Road APK

Crossy Road is a fun game to play with your friends and family! If you want to instantly unlock every character, just download the unlimited money!

Download Crossy Road [139.41 Mb]


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