Jump Dunk 3D APK 3.3.5

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Want a completely unique and fun game to play with your friends? Try Jump Dunk 3D and experience what it’s like to shoot a basket while jumping on a trampoline!

Jump Dunk 3D APK 3.3.5
Name Jump Dunk 3D
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.3.5
Size 125.55 Mb
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link com.studio501.jumpdunk

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Basketball is one of the major sports worldwide. It’s popular worldwide especially in America, Asia, Europe and more. Since it’s a global sport, it makes sense that a lot of mobile games are created focusing on the sport such as NBA 2K and more. But if you’re looking for something more unique, you need to try Jump Dunk 3D right now!

Jump Dunk 3D Mod APK

This crazy game from VOODOO already has 5 million downloads in Google Play Store as of this writing. Why? Because it’s unlike any other basketball game you’ve ever played! It’s simple yet extremely fun and satisfying. Some might even laugh while playing it because it looks so ridiculous. But this is exactly the type of game that you’d need when you’re feeling down or when you are looking for something new.

Jumping While Shooting

If you haven’t heard of basketball, then you’d obviously be living in a cave. After all, who doesn’t know this popular sport with millions of players worldwide. The NBA alone brings in millions of viewers worldwide with every match. Because of the sport’s popularity, plenty of games have been made on the sports. Yet even if you’re a die-hard fan of the sport, we can guarantee that you’ve never played a game like Jump Dunk 3D before.

Jump Dunk 3D APK Latest Version

Why? Because it’s a game where you’ll try to shoot a basketball in a hoop while on a trampoline! At this point, you should already know how hard it is to shoot a basket normally even without defenders. But how about shooting a basketball while you’re jumping on a trampoline? The difficulty is suddenly amplified. Only the best of the best can shoot with these conditions. But the challenge doesn’t stop there! There are plenty of difficult levels that await you in this game.

4 Features You’ll Love About Jump Dunk 3D

If you love basketball, then you obviously need to play the best basketball mobile games there are. But if you’ve never heard of Jump Dunk 3D before, this is your chance to experience something unique! Here are 4 features you’ll love about this game.

  • Interesting concept – If you’re a basketball fan, then you obviously know how to play basketball. The game is simple, you just need to score more baskets than the opponent at the end of the game. But a full basketball game has more rules than just that. There are certainly a lot of factors to consider when playing this sport. But if you want a simpler approach to your favorite sport, why not try it with a twist? This time, you’ll play while jumping on a trampoline? In Jump Dunk 3D, you get to jump on a trampoline and shoot a basketball. You won’t get to the next hoop without shooting the ball. But of course, you need impeccable timing to pull this off not to mention the shooting skills!
Jump Dunk 3D APK Free Download
  • Challenging levels – There are certainly a lot of levels you can conquer in Jump Dunk 3D. At the start, you’ll only be playing in a normal height hoop while jumping on a trampoline. But as you progress, you’ll face different challenges such as the hoop extending its height and moving every time. This makes the game more challenging! Can you pull it off and emerge victorious?
  • Beat opponents – Here, you can play against different players all over the world. Try to beat them as you shoot faster and complete the level! There are certainly tons of other players to beat from all over the world in here.
  • 3D graphics – Since this is a basketball game the graphics are 3D. Experience a great basketball game filled with excitement and fun now.

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Jump Dunk 3D is simply an incredible and unique basketball game. Play against plenty of competitive players around the world and perform various trick shots!

Download Jump Dunk 3D [125.55 Mb]


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