Worms Zone Mod APK 5.5.0 (Unlimited Money and No Death)

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Download Worms Zone Mod APK latest version free for Android to get an epic Slither.io style game that will have addicted in no time at all.

Worms Zone Mod APK 5.5.0 (Unlimited Money and No Death)
Name Worms Zone
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 5.5.0
Size 201.54 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link com.wildspike.wormszone

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Worms Zone was developed by Casual Azur Games and is as much a take on Slither.io as it is one the classic Snake game on Nokia phones from back in the day.

The game manages to have its very own style which is refreshing considering the similarities that it shares with other games in the Snake category. The main objective of Worms Zone is to make your worm bigger and bigger by consuming other worms and all the treats inside them.

Download Worms Zone Mod APK – Unlimited money, All skins unlockable

When you encircle another worm, you’ll destroy it and it will leave behind a trail of food like hamburgers, sweets, and other things that worms definitely eat all the time. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re avoiding bumping into other worms, otherwise you’ll be a treat for them and you’ll have to start your journey of domination all over again.

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Try to get the highest score and make your worm the biggest of the bunch before inevitably being plucked out of the ground and used as fisherman’s bait.

How to play Worms Zone

The game began as a simple browser game for bored people at work or school to play in their downtime (or when they were supposed to be working on an important project…). It has since been developed for mobile and has become a massive hit since doing so.

Playing the game on mobile is a little different to playing it on desktop, however. You’ll have less control over your worm on the small screen than you would if you were playing on a PC, so it’s worth bearing in mind some tips and tricks to make the most of the game while you’re indulging and to not become food for other worms.

Download Worms Zone Mod APK – Unlimited money, All skins unlockable

If you keep eating all the other worms, then you’ll keep getting bigger and bigger and other worms will find it increasingly difficult to defeat you. You’ll eat your way through all the worms to become the biggest of the bunch – but be careful, one false move and all your work will have been for nothing, while other worms eat on your dead flesh. Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure that you’re not going to become worm food.

Make sure to finish the leftovers. While you’re slithering around on the screen, you’ll continually notice that other worms have been gobbled up and what was inside them is now left lying around for you to eat up. Make sure to do so, as this will make you bigger. Likewise, when you destroy another worm, make sure that you’re eating all the food that it leaves behind. The bigger you are, the easier you’ll find the game. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still watch out for smaller worms, though.

Download Worms Zone Mod APK – Unlimited money, All skins unlockable

Everyone can kill you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you’re the biggest worm on the field that no other worm can take you out. If you make the wrong move on a smaller worm, they’ll still kill you – so be careful! Make sure that you don’t run head on into the side of a worm as this will end your turn and render you nothing more than food for the other worms.

Use boosts. Boosts are very handy – they let you eat up everything in your path. Make sure that you use boosts when they become available as they’ll help you to get even bigger and they’ll momentarily take some of the strain of not dying off of your shoulders.

Learn the art of defense. You’re trying to encircle other worms to kill them, so it stands to reason that they’ll also be trying that out on you. The best way to defend yourself against an attacking worm is to put your body into a circle with your head in the middle. This way, your opponent will likely have to hit your side, which will kill them and spare you. This defensive maneuver is the most effective way of not getting eaten when you’re surrounded – but don’t use it unless you have to. You could end up playing the waiting game and you never know how long the AI is going to wait around.

Download Worms Zone Mod APK – Unlimited money, All skins unlockable

Know when to flee. In some cases, a bigger worm will target you and you’ll just have to make a run for it. While the defensive moves mentioned before do still stand, there remains some risk in performing them and it might be better to just flee and preserve your life. Once you’re a bigger worm, you can come back and challenge your former adversary.

Key Features of Worms Zone Mod APK Overview

Dive into the engaging world of "Worms Zone," where players navigate the challenges of controlling a worm in a digital arena. Initially a simple browser game, "Worms Zone" has evolved into a widely popular mobile game, captivating players who strive to become the biggest worm on the field. The Worms Zone Mod APK enhances the gaming experience by offering several pivotal features that give players significant advantages. Key modifications include:

  • Unlimited Money and No Death: Enjoy the game with the freedom to expand without the risk of dying, complemented by an endless supply of in-game currency.
  • No Death: Play continuously without the interruption of losing your progress due to a fatal mistake.
  • Unlimited Money and Skin: Access a plethora of skins to customize your worm, while never running out of game currency.
  • Unlimited Health: Remain invincible with endless health, making it easier to grow bigger and dominate the game.
  • Mod Menu: Utilize a comprehensive mod menu that allows for various game customizations and enhancements at your fingertips.
  • All Snake Unlocked: Start the game with every snake option available, providing a rich selection right from the beginning.
  • Auto Kill: Automatically eliminate other worms upon contact, ensuring a swift rise to the top of the food chain.

With these features, players can navigate the game's challenges more effectively, focusing on strategic growth and enjoyment without the usual constraints. The Worms Zone Mod APK promises a more exhilarating and unrestricted gaming experience, allowing you to dominate the digital arena with ease.

Download Worms Zone APK

If you want to make the game less challenging and be able to use more boosts, then download the unlimited money for Worms Zone.io – Veracious Snake.

Download Worms Zone [201.54 Mb]


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