Locker of Death APK 3.1.11

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Download Locker of Death Apk Latest Version Free for Android to experience the anime horror. This is a girlfriend game, and you’d like it.

Locker of Death APK 3.1.11
Name Locker of Death
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.1.11
Size 67.43 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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As mentioned above, this is an anime horror simulation game for mobile devices. The game is offered by Genius Studio Inc., a game developer in Japan. This is a game that keeps players in full control of their actions and decisions. The gaming environment takes place in a school. Download it now to enjoy all the interesting things it offers.


You are a student in this game, and there are so many mysterious things about your school. One of these is the fact that there’s a mysterious locker in your school. This locker is also called the locker of love, and different students have reported hearing whispers from the locker. It is believed that placing the name of someone you love in the locker will make the person fall in love with you.

However, there’s a terrible truth in this locker. This is something you’d discover with your friends while experimenting. Can you bear this truth you are about to find? Although many students believe that the locker is for locker, the real thing is that it is a Locker of Death. The scary part is that when a name is placed inside, the person dies after seven days.


The game becomes super interesting after you find your name in the Locker of Death. You become super scared that you’d lose your life within seven days. This will cause you to team up with a mysterious transfer student and your best friend. Do you think you can break the curse and save your life? Download the game to find out.

Gaming Characters

Here are the characters in this game:

Nodoka the Adventurous Daredevil


This is your childhood friend and best friend. She loves challenges and is excited to join you in finding a way to break the curse. The idea to find the locker came from her, and she’s ready to do anything to break the curse.

Mana the Mature Ex-Athlete

She’s also friends with you and Nodoka. This is right from the time when she got injured, and her dreams of becoming an Athlete got shattered. She’s cool, quiet, calm, and collected. What’s amazing is that she has vowed to help in saving you.

Rui the Determined Medium


She is the mysterious transfer student mentioned above. Rui came to your school so that she can also help in breaking the curse. She has a sensitive spirit and loves to fight. She’s ready to fight till the truth is discovered.

Locker of Death Apk Free Download

You’d like this game if you enjoy watching horror movies. However, to get the best experience, what you need is the apk. With this version, you’d enjoy different optimizations, amongst other intriguing features.

Download Locker of Death apk for free.


Download the latest version of Locker of Death on your device.

Download Locker of Death [67.43 Mb]


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