Idle Magic School APK 2.7.5

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Would you love to manage a magic school? Download Idle Magic School APK today and order your school. Unlock many rooms, classes, and bring students!

Idle Magic School APK 2.7.5
Name Idle Magic School
Compatible with Android 4.4w+
Last version 2.7.5
Size 229.86 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Longames
Price Free
Google Play Link com.IdleMagicSchool.jlyt

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Idle games are fun games that you can freely play today. There are so many idle games available today, and each one focuses on a specific topic that you’ll enjoy. What makes idle games different from others is that you can enjoy playing the game even without active engagement.

But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be doing anything in these games, but you’ll oversee many things. In Idle Magic School, you’re in charge of running a school for wizards!

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This game doesn’t just let you run an ordinary school but rather a school full of wizards. Since this is a school for wizards, you’ll be able to unlock many classrooms, classes, and other facilities to help educate and nurture the students.

There are so many tasks that you can complete here, and in doing so, you can receive some rewards. You can also hire teachers and employ magic tools and strategies to help the young wizards bring out their potential.

Manage a Wizard School

Everyone knows that schools are established to nurture the young people of today. Many of us went to schools for the majority of our early years to get educated and learn how to live.

Aside from learning various subjects, we also know how to get along with teachers, fellow students, and other school people. But how would you like it if you’re given a chance to manage your school? In Idle Magic School, you’ll not just manage a school but a magic school!

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This school is unlike any other because it’s made to educate and nurture the young wizards of today. Here, you’ll be able to meet all sorts of talented wizards today as you can help them get educated. You’ll then need to erect rooms, set up classes, upgrade magic courses, and more.

You can also do various tasks so you can earn enough money to invest in your school. There are so many things to manage here that you’ll be busy most of the time.

You’ll also need to employ competent professors, enjoy many challenges and rewards!

Idle Magic School Highlights

If you want to enjoy managing a magic school, download Idle Magic School now! Here are its highlights:

idle magic school apk free download

Manage your school – There are so many fun things you can do today with so many games. But if you want to play and relax, you can enjoy many types of idle games to play right now. These are games that don’t require too much effort and focus, but they’re still enjoyable.

If you’re looking for an idle game about schools, then you’ll enjoy Idle Magic School today! This is a game that lets you manage a school created just for wizards.

Here, you’ll be able to manage so many magicians that will enroll in your school. You’ll then be in charge of unlocking many classrooms and completing many tasks to receive rewards. Here, you can upgrade so many magic courses so you can enroll more students into different classes.

You can then attract more talented wizards to enroll as you have more classrooms and competent professors. You can also enjoy buying more equipment and unlock many wizards today!

idle magic school apk latest version

Complete many tasks – There are so many tasks to complete in this game today. Each new day brings new jobs for you to do, and by completing them, you can get many rewards. The tasks vary a lot, so that you can see them in your to-do list here.

You’ll then need to unlock many facilities, equipment and even upgrade them so you can collect rewards. Completing various tasks will allow you to progress the game to unlock more impressive aspects of the game today.

Unlock and upgrade facilities – This game lets you unlock many classrooms and facilities today. You’ll need money to do so, and you can get them by completing various tasks. The more students enroll at your academy, the more money you can earn that you can use to invest in your school.

You can then upgrade and unlock so many magic classes today to accommodate more students. You can also decorate your school to attract more wizards to enroll at your academy.

idle magic school apk

Plenty of challenges – There are plenty of challenges that a wizard will face before they can graduate.

You can simulate plenty of battles in the Muggle Training as you can also upgrade the training fees, training time, and training capacity. In doing so, you can produce top-tier wizards out of your school!

Hire professors – To teach new wizards; you’ll need some professors. You can hire many of them here today!

Download Idle Magic School APK – Latest version

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