PetrolHead APK 5.7.0

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Download PetrolHead APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to play a very realistic car simulation game! Drive around the city and complete the career mode.

PetrolHead APK 5.7.0
Name PetrolHead
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 5.7.0
Size 1.43 Gb
Category Simulation
Developer Lethe Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link com.lethe.petrolhead

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There are tons of car games out there today. But most of them are racing ones which involve drag racing or the regular racing genre. Racing games are one of the most perfect games for mobile phones today and they are played by countless players worldwide!


If you’re looking for the perfect car simulation game today, then this one is for you! PetrolHead is a game that allows you to simulate what it is to drive a real car! With its single player career mode, you will complete the quests to win some rewards! Drive and collect tons of cars that allow you to push your limits. With the highest quality possible, this game allows you to enjoy a wide variety of driving conditions and weather.

What is PetrolHead?

There are plenty of car games out there right now. Most of them are the same regurgitated racing games that we’ve seen a hundred times already. Because of this, players all over the world always crave for something new yet exciting. Something that can be played a hundred times yet it would still be fun.


That something comes in the form of PetrolHead. The game created by Lethe Studions has garnered the attention of over a hundred thousand people in Google Play Store! Firstly, this isn’t your typical car game since this is a simulation. In here, you’ll need to complete challenges which typically involves obeying traffic laws and parking your car perfectly. Failure to complete the missions will not yield you rewards! Aside from that, you can customize your cars, play with your friends online and enjoy free roaming in a vast world!

Features of PetrolHead

PetrolHead is packed full of features that you haven’t played anywhere else! Here, you’ll enjoy a seamless driving experience. Here are its features:

Career Mode – There are plenty of racing games out there readily available for those who want a racing game. But in PetrolHead, things are a bit different. First of all, this is a simulation game in which you will need to complete a series of challenges that allows you to drive normally in the city. The challenges will put your driving skills to the test. In here, you’ll need to obey traffic laws perfectly, park your car perfectly and compete in races! There are literally tons of things to do in this game!


Customization – If you’re a huge fan of cars, then you’ll love this one! The game features more than 80 cars you can collect and customize! Here, you can upgrade your car parts for a more powerful and faster racing experience. Aside from that, you can choose from the variety of paint colors, wrappings and tune stances! There are tons of things to tinker with in this game which will light up the mechanic in you.

Multiplayer – This isn’t your typical simulation game anymore. In this one, you can play with your friends online wherever they are! You don’t need to find other racing games because this one is a complete package! Race with your friends and conquer racing records that have never been beaten before.

Engaging Graphics- But what separates this one from your usual car simulation game is the incredibly realistic graphics! Here, you will appreciate all the small details that they’ve put to the game. From the car designs to the streets, everything was made to make it feel as real as possible. Not to mention, you can freely change the camera views to accommodate your style!


Side quests – If you’re getting bored, you can also complete side quests in here. Complete simple missions to instantly earn money you can use to unlock new cars!

Full controls – This isn’t your typical car game as this one is as close to real life as possible.

PetrolHead APK

PetrolHead is a stunning car simulation game that allows you to play without limits! Download the latest version and enjoy.

Download PetrolHead [1.43 Gb]


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