Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK 1.9.86 (Unlimited Carrot, Balo, Items)

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Help Tsuki rebuild his life in Mushroom Village! Enjoy passive gameplay, charming graphics, and soothing sounds. Download now for a relaxing and delightful adventure!

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK 1.9.86 (Unlimited Carrot, Balo, Items)
Name Tsuki Odyssey
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.9.86
Size 575.55 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer HyperBeard
Price Free
Google Play Link com.hyperbeard.odyssey

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What is Tsuki's Odyssey APK

"Tsuki's Odyssey" is a relaxing simulation game. Developed by HyperBeard, it invites players to help a bunny named Tsuki rebuild his life in Mushroom Village. The game stands out for its passive gameplay, charming visuals, and soothing sounds. It requires Android version 6.0 or higher and is suitable for ages 12 and up.

Key Features:

  • Passive Adventure: Tsuki moves and interacts independently.
  • Engaging Activities: Enjoy fishing, farming carrots, and decorating.
  • Rich Characters: Meet quirky villagers and forge friendships.
  • Beautiful Graphics: Hand-drawn art creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Relaxing Sounds: Tranquil audio enhances the experience.
tsuki odyssey apk for android

"Tsuki's Odyssey" is perfect for those who seek a peaceful escape. Download it now and embark on a serene adventure in Mushroom Village.

Features of Tsuki's Odyssey APK

"Tsuki's Odyssey" offers a range of delightful features that make it a standout simulation game. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Passive Gameplay

  • Independent Actions: Tsuki moves and interacts on his own, creating a laid-back experience.
  • Minimal Supervision: Enjoy the game without constant attention, perfect for busy players.

Engaging Activities

  • Fishing: Cast your line and relax by the water.
  • Farming Carrots: Grow and harvest carrots to support Tsuki’s new life.
  • House Decoration: Customize and furnish Tsuki’s home with new furniture and decorative items.

Interaction with Characters

  • Quirky Villagers: Meet and interact with oddball characters in Mushroom Village.
  • Friendship Building: Forge connections and uncover hidden secrets through conversations.
tsuki odyssey apk downd load

Beautiful Design

  • Charming Graphics: Hand-drawn visuals create a cozy, rustic aesthetic.
  • Soothing Sound Effects: The tranquil audio elements enhance the calming atmosphere.

Missions and Tasks

  • Resource Management: Balance activities to ensure continuous progress.
  • Task Completion: Help Tsuki rebuild his home by completing various missions.

"Tsuki's Odyssey" APK combines passive adventure with engaging activities, making it a unique addition to the simulation genre. Download now to explore all these features and more!

Tsuki's Odyssey APK Gameplay

"Tsuki's Odyssey" offers a unique and relaxing gameplay experience. Here’s a closer look at what you can do in the game:

Passive Adventure

  • Independent Movement: Tsuki explores and interacts with the environment on his own.
  • Hands-off Play: Enjoy the game without constant involvement, perfect for a laid-back experience.


  • Fishing: Relax by the pond and catch fish to pass the time.
  • Farming: Plant and harvest carrots, the main resource in the game.
  • Decorating: Use earned carrots to buy new furniture and decorate Tsuki's home.
tsuki odyssey apk latest version

Interaction with Characters

  • Meet Villagers: Interact with various oddball characters in Mushroom Village.
  • Build Friendships: Engage in conversations to form bonds and unlock new interactions.

Missions and Tasks

  • Resource Management: Balance farming, fishing, and other activities to earn resources.
  • Rebuild Tsuki's Home: Complete tasks to help Tsuki furnish and decorate his house.

Wait Times

  • Timed Events: Some actions require waiting, adding a strategic element to resource management.

"Tsuki's Odyssey" APK blends passive gameplay with engaging activities, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Download the game now and start your adventure in Mushroom Village!

Tsuki's Odyssey APK Graphics and Sound

"Tsuki's Odyssey" captivates players with its charming graphics and soothing sound design. Here’s what makes the visual and audio elements stand out:


  • Hand-drawn Art: The game features beautiful, hand-drawn visuals that create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.
  • Vibrant Colors: The use of vibrant colors brings Mushroom Village to life, making every scene visually appealing.
  • Detailed Environments: Each area is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, from Tsuki's home to the lush fields and serene fishing spots.
tsuki odyssey apk free download


  • Tranquil Audio: The soothing sound effects enhance the game's relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding.
  • Ambient Music: Gentle background music accompanies your journey, making the experience more immersive.
  • Character Sounds: Unique sound effects for each character add personality and charm to your interactions.

The combination of enchanting graphics and calming sounds in "Tsuki's Odyssey" APK creates a delightful gaming experience. Download the game now to immerse yourself in this beautifully crafted world!

Crucial Tips for Tsuki's Odyssey APK

To make the most of your experience in "Tsuki's Odyssey," here are some essential tips:

Manage Resources

  • Farm Efficiently: Plant and harvest carrots regularly to ensure you always have enough resources.
  • Prioritize Purchases: Spend carrots wisely on items that will help you progress, like new furniture or fishing gear.

Engage with Characters

  • Build Friendships: Talk to villagers often to unlock new interactions and missions.
  • Explore Dialogues: Pay attention to conversations for hints and hidden secrets.

Balance Activities

  • Alternate Tasks: Switch between farming, fishing, and decorating to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Use Wait Times: Plan your activities around waiting periods to maximize productivity.
tsuki odyssey apk

Customize Your Home

  • Decorate Thoughtfully: Choose furniture and decorations that enhance Tsuki’s living space and reflect your style.
  • Expand Gradually: Focus on one area of the house at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy the Journey

  • Take Your Time: Embrace the passive gameplay and enjoy the serene pace of the game.
  • Relax and Unwind: Use the game as a way to de-stress and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

By following these tips, you can fully enjoy the charming and tranquil world of "Tsuki's Odyssey" APK. Download the game now and start your adventure in Mushroom Village!

Tsuki's Odyssey Mod APK Latest Version Mod APK

Discover the enchanting world of Tsuki Odyssey with the Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK Unlimited Carrots, designed to elevate your gaming experience. This modified version comes packed with exciting features that transform your adventure into an unforgettable journey:

  • Unlimited Carrots: Unlimited access to carrots allows you to explore and interact with the game's charming environments and characters without any restrictions.
  • Unlocked Items: Access exclusive items and decorations to customize Tsuki's home and surroundings, making every visit to the village a unique experience.

Wrapping Up Tsuki's Odyssey APK

"Tsuki's Odyssey" offers a unique blend of passive adventure and engaging activities. With its charming graphics, soothing sound design, and relaxing gameplay, it's the perfect escape into a peaceful world.

Ready to help Tsuki rebuild his life in Mushroom Village? Download Tsuki's Odyssey APK now and embark on a delightful journey filled with discovery and tranquility. Join the adventure and make Tsuki’s new life a beautiful one!

Download Tsuki Odyssey [575.55 Mb]
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