Gear Club True Racing APK 1.26.0

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Download Gear Club APK - latest version - free and get your hands on the best cars, tracks and upgrades in the driving world.

Gear Club True Racing APK 1.26.0
Name Gear Club True Racing
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.26.0
Size 0 bytes
Category Racing
Developer Eden Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.edengames.GTSpirit

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Gear Club, from Eden Games, is a fast paced driving game available to download from the Android Store. With plenty of adrenaline, beautifully-rendered cars and incredible racing tracks, Gear Club is one of the most popular driving games for mobile. It strives to deliver a realistic yet fun driving game, with simulated driving, engine control and cosmetic damage. Even the suspension and aerodynamics of the car is tracked and shared with you, so you can make educated adjustments to the performance of your racing fleet. Want to become the ultimate Gear Club member? Download now.


Gear Club has lots of great features, which we’ll go over below, but first there are a few crucial things to go over. First, the graphics. They’re very impressive, both during in-game cinematics and when you’re actually racing the cars. Great lighting effects, sound design and car design make this a top pick for car fanatics who want to play something on mobile. There’s awesome level design, online capability, and competitive races between friend and foe. Collect, upgrade, and race - this is Gear Club.

Best Features of Gear Club

Gear Club is a well-developed racing and driving simulation game, with everything you might expect from such a title. There are beautifully rendered interior designs, excellent race and garage simulation, and the ability to upgrade and perform maintenance on a range of exotic supercars and regular racing top choices. If you’re a huge fan of cars, you’re going to love Gear Club, easily one of the highest rated racing games on Android.


Fully Simulated Driving, A Realistic Approach

Driving simulators that find a nice balance between realism and fun always get the top rated spots, and Gear Club does exactly that. Every mechanic of your car is simulated, from the engine power to the strength of the suspension. Despite the technicalities of this, you can easily switch between control schemes that make it easier to control your car and make sure you’re getting the most out of your phone. Monitor the statistics of your car to make educated adjustments and upgrades to your car as you progress through the game.

Explore a Driving World

Looking like a game like Forza Horizon that runs from your mobile phone? Look no further, Gear Club presents you with a vast world of opportunity, from racing tracks to garages and homes. You can take to the track or explore more open areas, to compete with friends, complete challenges, or just enjoy the thrill of driving in your brand new cars. From sunny British fields to exotic deserts and beaches, Gear Club takes you and your car right around the world, with plenty of chances to explore at your own pace!


Multiplayer Modes for You And Your Friends to Race Online

No mobile driving game is set to roll without a fun multiplayer mode for you and your friends to enjoy. You can race against your friends in all the locales and settings you’ve experienced in the single player mode, and then complete different challenges to rank higher than them on the leaderboard. If you want, you can form teams with your friends and compete in global events and championships to earn excellent rewards for your crew. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become the very best driver in Gear Club? Give it a go.

Upgrade Your Cars, Upgrade Your Shop

While you boost the performance of your cars, you’ll also be working towards the success of your Ultimate Performance Shop. This is where your cars come to be worked on, sold and managed, and as you progress through the game this place also receives plenty of upgrades. To house some of the world’s most expensive and exotic cars, you’re going to need certain security measures, certain staff, certain car parts. These need to be earned (or purchased with in-game micro transactions) to allow your Performance Shop to keep up with the rest.


Get Technical With Engineered Car Parts

Are you a car whiz or fanatic? Want to get up close and personal with the inside of a Ferrari engine, but only have your mobile phone to hand? Look no further than Gear Club, a game designed for the car wizards out there. If you want to specifically design a new part for your car, which you think might help it clinch the win in the next race, you have the freedom to do so. You can specifically tweak suspension, engine powers, the tires, the brakes...whatever it might be, Gear Club gives you the tools you need to make your car truly unique. This makes the online racing even more interesting, as the best racers will also require the best car engineers. Sure, you might be able to take them on the track, but do they have some super engineering secrets up their sleeves? You’ll have to find out!


Collect and Admire A Special Fleet of Cars

Like any car owner will tell you, part of the magic of owning a vehicle is just sitting inside it, or looking at it on your driveway. Gear Club really recreates this feeling well, with beautifully-rendered and animated car interiors and exteriors in fully-fleshed out HD graphics, perfect for the mobile phone. While this is no next-gen title or super strong PC game, Gear Club does well to create a realistic and beautiful world for you to explore, and hundreds upon hundreds of amazing cars to collect. From Aston Martins to Volkswagens, whether you like super cars or suped-up hatchbacks, there is no shortage of your potential in Gear Club.

Download Gear Club APK

Want to get all the cars in Gear Club for free? Download the Gear Club APK latest version to unlock everything and speed your way through the levels and upgrades!

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