FIFA Mobile APK 14.0.09

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FIFA Mobile is the soccer game you’ve always wanted. Play as all of your favorite professional soccer players and teams of the world and compete.

FIFA Mobile APK 14.0.09
Name FIFA Mobile
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 14.0.09
Size 173.03 Mb
Category Sports
Developer NEXON Company
Price Free
Google Play Link com.nexon.fmk

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Soccer/International Football fans, this is definitely the perfect game for you to be playing. FIFA Mobile brings to life all of the action-packed high-intensity thrill of soccer to your Android mobile device. With tons of different game modes that can be enjoyed online or offline, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Play as Football Icons

Some of your favorite players are present within the field of FIFA Mobile. You’ll be able to play as all of the best and iconic legends of the season. These include Mess, Zidane, Maradona, Pele, and Maldini. Of course, there are any more to choose from.

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Just pick your team and head out into a game mode!

Rank in the FIFA Mobile Leaderboards

If you really want to get your competitive side into gear, check out the leaderboards. Here, all of your progression and rivals will be displayed for you to freely check out. Know just how good you are doing and what players are the teams to beat. This is a great way to keep the game always feeling fresh with something to do.

Also, there are weekly bonuses and challenges to test all players. Set out and challenge your friends in real-time online multiplayer to rank higher and be the best. FIFA is always better when you have other people to play with. And FIFA Mobile allows for all of the original console action and fun on the small screen.

Best FIFA Mobile Skill Moves

To become the best in FIFA Mobile 2021, you’ll want to learn and master the best skill moves to use. Here, we will demonstrate how to use them, when the best time is, and why. So, don’t worry, even if you are unfamiliar with a specific skill move or secondary, we’ll teach you.

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Without any further ado, here are some of the best skills you want to be using:

What Are Skill Moves?

Before getting into too much details about these skills, some of you may be unaware of what are skill moves. Basically, every player has two different skill moves. These abilities can be performed during gameplay to throw down some seriously powerful moves on the field. This can either fake, disorient, overpower, or take-on your opponents.

Basically, the skill move depends on the player. So, let’s talk about them in detail.

Roulette: First is the Roulette. This action can be performed by a simple tap of the skill button. Your player will spin, while continuously drippling the ball. One of the nice things about the move is that it can help you open up some space. Additionally, it leaves a small stun effect on the defenders nearby.

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If you ever want to make some space for your moves and open up for a fake short of whatnot, this is definitely a good option. As for the time, it would be a great time to use this skill when your opponent is on auto-defense. Or, if you are campaign. Regardless, of the situation, your opponent will stop in place. This is one of the most helpful options.

Rainbow: In order to perform all secondary skills, you’ll want to swipe up on the skill button. Simultaneously, you can hold the direction of the skill. The Rainbow Flick used to be the ability in the game. It’s not as effective now, but it’s still a great option to open up space. However, many defenders can still stop this option in its tracks.

However, because the ball stays in the air for so long, defenders can easily retaliate. Use this skill sparingly, or you might end up losing control of the ball.

Flip Flap: The next, and probably best secondary skill we will be explaining is the Flip Flap. This has you quickly move from right to left. This is one of the easiest way to move past a defender. Even more so, when used together with the roulette.

Heel-to-Heel: Another decent space-opener ability. This one is better used when mixed with the Roulette. It helps to make some movement options. However, it’s not best used one-on-one against a defender.

Fake Shot: Now, the Fake Shot can be performed by tapping the shoot button while sliding to the left. Then choose the direction you want to fake to. It’s a good way to trip up mega-defender. However, this can only be used on the offensive end. It’s really effective when you’re cutting back into the box for a goal attempt.

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Close Dribble: Double tapping and holding the skill button will access the last skill, Close Dribble. The move will continue, until another button is pressed to get you out of it. This helps put you in a position to see the pitch better. You can also stop in-place, by double tapping the skill button. This isn’t used to get passed defenders, but better for seeing plays and slowing down the game.

These are some of the better skills you’ll want to utilize during your gameplay. As long as you can master these skills, you’ll become a FIFA pro easily.


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Download FIFA Mobile [173.03 Mb]


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