Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 3.7.0 (Unlimited crystals)

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Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK – Unlimited crystals – for Android to experience epic one vs one battles against other players from all over the world.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 3.7.0 (Unlimited crystals)
Name Dragon Ball Legends
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 3.7.0
Size 103.80 Mb
MOD Unlimited crystals
Category Action
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww
MOD Features +
  1. Menu mod
  2. DMG multiple
  3. Defense multiple
  4. Unlimited ki
  5. No ki cost
  6. No swap cd
  7. Auto complete challenge
  8. PVP PVE Mod
  9. All cards gives dragon balls
  10. Unlimited vanish
  11. Unlimited rising rush skill
  12. Insatll win read note ]
  13. One wave win
  14. Kill one enemy win
  15. No ads


  1.  For co op mode get issue connection lost always active install win before you enter the battle 
  2. In pvp click rising rush skill to active mod
  3. In pve active mod before enter the stage
  4. In pve if u get stuck when u complete battle turn off insatll win and use only one enemy one wave win


Become the most epic fighter in Dragon Ball. Download Dragon Ball Legends mod APK to fight against other players from all around the world in this epic fighting saga. Experience the full action of this card-based battle game, where your characters will fight out the commands on the cards that you lay down on the screen.

It’s both an awesome card game where you get to collect all the best power ups and special moves, as well as an enjoyable battle game where you actually get to watch your heroes fighting it out and blasting each other with summoned energy attacks.


You’ll start out by training in your Turtle School Gi and level up your Ki to the point where you’re ready to face off against powerful opponents. Once you’re ready, you’ll be thrown into the real action, where there are bigger things at stake than simple training exercises.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends

When it comes to being a master at Dragon Ball Legends, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully aware of these helpful tips to win more in the game. Level up your characters and collect the Dragon Balls, but make sure that you’ve got the basics down first.


Learn the combat system: Who hasn’t won a battle game simply bashing the hell out of the controls and hoping for the best? Dragon Ball Legends, being a card-based game, works a little differently and it’s definitely worth spending the extra bit of time to master the combat system in the game. Learning how to attack your rivals in the most effective way will help you a lot when playing Dragon Ball Legends – make sure that you’re fully aware of the basics of gameplay by utilizing the tutorial and having a few practice games before really setting out on your adventure.

Send some of your team out on adventures: While talking about adventures, you can send some of your team out to collect rare loot which will help you in your quest. It’s worth doing this as often as you can – although, be careful as you can’t use that member of your team when they’re out adventuring. It might be worth not sending members of your core team to ensure that you can still defend yourself if necessary.


Collect the Dragon Balls: Some cards in combat will have a Dragon Ball on them – use them! Once you’ve collected all the cards with dragon balls on them, you can easily defeat your opponent by using the Rising Rush move. This move will make all your remaining team members attack at once and deal out devastating damage against your opponents. It doesn’t win the game automatically, but it certainly brings you close enough to winning.

Use your character’s special ability: Throughout combat, you’ll notice that your character’s energy bar will increase gradually over time. This will finally result in your being able to summon a devastating attack that can easily turn the tide of a battle in an instant. Make sure that you don’t forget to tap on the energy bar when it’s full.

Ditch the Hero characters early on: The Hero class is the lowest class of character, and while there are some familiar faces from the series on there, realistically, you shouldn’t bother holding on to them if you want to progress. The best characters in the game are vastly superior to the old-school hero characters and can deal out vastly superior amounts of damage.


Play the story: You’ll have to play through the story mode to progress further in the game. The story mode isn’t actually about Goku – it’s about Shallot. You’ll be trying to help Shallot to regain his memory and figure out who he is in the game.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 2021 - Unlimited crystals

Want to jump in on the action? Download the Unlimited Vanish + Ki... mod for Dragon Ball Legends APK to play the game without limitation and grow your strength in a massive way. Enjoy!

Download Dragon Ball Legends [103.80 Mb]
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