Cops N Robbers APK 14.11.0

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Download Cops n robbers APK Latest Version free for Android. Play the fun and exciting Minecraft style FPS Shooter game alone or with friends.

Cops N Robbers APK 14.11.0
Name Cops N Robbers
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 14.11.0
Size 221.56 Mb
Category Action
Developer Riovox
Price Free
Google Play Link com.joydo.minestrikenew

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Play Cops n Robbers

Check out this Minecraft Style shooting game. Cops n Robbers is a pixel FPS with many fun and engaging aspects for everyone to enjoy. Players of all ages and pick up and play the game and still have fun.


You’ll find yourself grinding through PvP, earning new weapons and armor, and coordinating yourself and your team to victory. So, don’t waste any more time. Download Cops n Robbers for Android now.

Cops n Robbers Features

Singleplayer Story Mode: For those of you who wish to play offline, alone. Lock and load into the campaign mode!

Multiplayer Mode: On the other hand, you can head straight into the PvP Mode. There are a ton of different game modes to play alongside other people from around the world. These game modes include:

    • Team Death Match Mode
    • Stronghold Mode
    • Ghost Mode
    • Peace Mode
    • Hide and Seek Mode
    • Killing Competition Mode

Each mode has over 20 different complex maps to play around. You can get even more immersed and rage on others with voice chat compatibility. Let everyone know who’s the boss and who’s a noob.

Unique Weapons: There are over 50 different weapons with amazing textures and characterizations. You can also customize them to your liking and design the perfect weapon for you.


Armor: Get different sets of armor to equip onto your character. Equipping armor sets will grant you special effects. On the other hand, you can also customize your gear to be more competitive on the battlefield.

Skins: You can also get various types of skins. Choose from a select pallet, or customize your own design. Either way, Cops n Robbers gives a ton of diversity to experiment with.


As you would have already noticed, the game copies its aesthetic from Minecraft. Since its inception, Minecraft’s pixel style has generated a ton of different games with similar art styles. They have built up to become their own genre of gaming – Pixel Games. Cops n Robbers is another example of a pixel game.

The animations are still smooth, even with such simple graphics. The game could get very fast-paced and epic. Make sure to plan your moves and think quickly to survive.


The sounds are also pretty realistic Which is ironic, considering nothing else about the gae is realistic. In addition, the music is also pretty good. The soundtrack used for the game sets the mood of suspense and danger.

All in all, Cops n Robbers has superb graphics and sounds that set the mood and tone of the game

Cops n robbers APK

You can choose to download the Cops n Robber APK latest version for Android. With this version, you can get a serious head start from other players in the game. This gives you an edge in the competition and brings you one step closer to victory.


You can buy all content in the game without having to grind your way through. This is a great benefit for a game that requires a lot of work and play throughs in order to unlock the various content.


Go ahead and download Cops n Robbers APK 2020 for Android to experience a fast-paced competition between two factions. Collect guns and various armor to enhance your performance and come out on top!

Download Cops N Robbers [221.56 Mb]
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