100 Years Life Simulator APK 1.5.18

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Do you want to live until 100 years old? In 100 Years Life Simulator APK, you’ll enjoy a life simulation game. Try to survive every year by doing the right things and trying not to die here!

100 Years Life Simulator APK 1.5.18
Name 100 Years Life Simulator
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.5.18
Size 185.63 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link com.lawson.life

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All of us go through different life stages in our lives. There are 7 billion people in the world today and each of us will face different scenarios every day. But whatever decision you make every day, it will have consequences later on so you must choose wisely. In the game 100 Years, you’ll enjoy a life simulation that gives you a chance to live until 100 years old. But in order to do so, you’ll face many interesting challenges and you should pick the right decision!

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If you love life simulation games, then this might be the best of them all. Published by Voodoo, this game lets you live your life until 100 years old if you play your cards right. From the start, you’ll need to pick the right things in order to grow up in the game. For instance, you will be asked to choose to pick whether a vase or a knight as a baby. Whatever you choose in this game, you’ll bear the consequences!

100 Years – Life Simulator

We all live our lives no matter how short or long it is. There’s nothing permanent in this world but the fact that we’ll all die someday. But even so, nothing can stop us from living our best lives in search for happiness, comfort and for our passions. In the game 100 Years, you’ll try to live for as long as you can for up to 100 years. Here, you’ll live out your life starting from 0 to 100 and try to complete many challenges.

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In this game, you’ll be faced with different challenges at each year in your life. For instance, when you’re still a baby you’ll be asked to pick whether a vase or a toy. If you pick the vase, it could end tragically for you btu if you pick the toy, you’ll just play with it. You see, every choice you make here will have a consequence much like how it is in real life. In this game, the goal is to live as long as you can without dying!

Can you do it? Will you be able to surpass many of life’s challenges and come out triumphant?

Highlights of 100 Years Life Simulator APK 

Do you want to live up to 100 years old? In 100 Years, the goal is to live for as long as you can by completing challenges.

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The Ultimate Life Simulation – Have you ever played the popular franchise The Sims? These games were always fun no matter how mundane our life is, it’s always intriguing to play as someone else. In these games, we can do things we normally can’t do and we can play as much as we want. If you’re looking for a similar yet unique game, you can download 100 Years now! This is a unique life simulation game that challenges you to live up to 100 years old.

The game is simple enough such that you’ll only face a challenge once every year. If you complete the task, you’ll be able to grow but if not, you can always retry! Here, you’ll live out every growth phase such as being a baby, kid, a teen, an adult and an old guy. As such, you’ll be able to experience different things which will prompt you to fulfill many challenges!

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Live from 0 to 100 – The goal of this game is for you to live as long as you can. This is also what most people want in the real world which is why this game is a smash hit for many. In here, you’ll go through many phases from being a baby to an adult. Here, you’ll need to complete many different challenges that will allow you to live life like you’ve always wanted! Try to make the life that you want and try not to die in the game.

Make your choice – In the real world, we face so many challenges every day. We may not know it but these challenges will have its consequences later on. This is the same in 100 Years as you’ll face unique challenges on each year. In this game, you’ll need to select the right option so that you can grow old and happy. There’s a unique scenario for each year such as choosing whether to ask a girl out for lunch or not. Then, there’s also the scene where you can go fishing or join the girls bathing.

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Enjoy the graphics – This game lets you enjoy 3D graphics and different controls depending on the scenario. You can enjoy the game today so you can play it a lot!

Download 100 Years Life Simulator APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy living your life, you can download 100 Years Life Simulator APK! Try to live for as long as you can now.

Download 100 Years Life Simulator [185.63 Mb]


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