Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 APK 3.0

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Are you looking for a unique simulation game? Try Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 APK and enjoy becoming a velociraptor. Explore, make a family and enjoy.

Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 APK 3.0
Name Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.0
Size 95.29 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Gluten Free Games LLC
Price $0.99
Google Play Link com.glutenfreegames.ultimateraptortwo

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Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 APK – Play as a Dinosaur

Over 66 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth as they were the Apex predators. These animals were freely roaming the Earth before an asteroid hit the planet, wiping every dinosaur then. Today.

We can enjoy plenty of movies, shows, games, and materials about dinosaurs as children love them. If you’re looking for a realistic simulation, then Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 is the game you should play. In this game, you’ll play as a velociraptor!

ultimate raptor simulator 2 apk latest version

In this game, you can freely roam the world as a dinosaur as you can do a bunch of things. Here, you can hunt various prey, but you need to avoid being tracked as well.

You can fight against tons of enemies as you can run, jump, and even talk to other dinosaurs. Here, you can build a family as you enjoy hunting and growing your pack today. Here, you can explore various locations as you customize your raptor’s look.

Play as a Dinosaur

You can find plenty of movies, shows, and materials about dinosaurs today even though they don’t exist anymore. They’re real creatures that lived millions of years before humans first roamed the Earth.

We’ve incorporated them in many games, cultures, movies, shows, and other things right now, including games. If you’re someone who’s always looking for dinosaur games, then you’ll fall in love with Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 today! This is a fun game where you can enjoy playing as a velociraptor.

ultimate raptor simulator 2 apk menu mod

The world is vast and full of dinosaurs in this game from Gluten Free Games. Here, you can freely live your life as a raptor, and you can do anything you want. Feel free to explore the vast world and hunt other dinosaurs today.

The combat system has been improved from the previous game as you can fight against them to collect their bones. You can use these bones to build things, and you can even customize your looks like height, skin, and many more.

You can build a family and nurture it so you can increase your pack. You can gain a bonus from hunting with your family together as well!

Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 Highlights

If you’re someone who loves to play simulation games, try Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 right now and enjoy.

ultimate raptor simulator 2 apk

Play as a dinosaur – You’re able to enjoy so many fun games today, thanks to so many available ones. Right now, you’re able to play so many types of games like puzzles, action, RPG, and simulation.

With simulation, you can enjoy a highly realistic experience about a particular situation, event, or topic. If you love dinosaurs, why not try Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 and be impressed by its gameplay? Here, you can play as a velociraptor today.

Animals have always been fascinating, especially dinosaurs. We might not have seen these creatures in action, but we know much about them that we can simulate how they’ve lived.

In this game, you can play as a velociraptor in a vast world full of exciting things. Here, you can enjoy exploring as you walk and run anywhere you want. You can also hunt other dinosaurs as you can hide in the bushes and perform sneak attacks. You can even build your family in this game!

ultimate raptor simulator 2 apk mod

Exciting Fighting System – As a dinosaur, you can enjoy hunting and fighting other dinosaurs here. The game does an excellent job of simulating what a fight would look like between dinosaurs.

Here, you can freely sneak around bushes and select your target as you walk around quietly. You’re able to fight against plenty of dinosaurs here and collect bones today. Here, you can collect the meat and enjoy hunting as you grow more in this game.

Build your family – As a dinosaur, you can also enjoy building a family here as you can talk with others. Here, you’re free to nurture your relationship with other members of the family.

You can enjoy the realistic egg hatching that you can do in this game. You’re free to hunt with your family members so you can gain bonuses and food. You can explore various areas, and you can create your den today. Freely decorate it however you wish and enjoy.

ultimate raptor simulator 2 apk download

Customize and upgrade your raptor – Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 allows players to customize their raptor. Here, you can change its height, skin, and ear size. You can also add colored feathers so you can stand out among the rest.

You can also upgrade your raptor to gain more skills. Enjoy many more abilities like strength, healing, tracking, and more.

Highly realistic graphics - Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 provides the best simulation on dinosaurs in the most natural setting!

Download Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 APK – Latest version

If you wish to enjoy a fun dinosaur simulation, try Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 today!

Download Ultimate Raptor Simulator 2 [95.29 MB]


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