Pokémon Masters EX APK 2.39.0

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Download Pokemon Masters EX APK Latest Version free for Android. This version of the Pokemon Masters League comes with new features.

Pokémon Masters EX APK 2.39.0
Name Pokémon Masters EX
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.39.0
Size 104.53 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer DeNA Co., Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.dena.a12026418

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Welcome back to the world of Pokemon Masters. Sync Pairs, prepare for an entirely upgraded challenge. A plethora of new features, game modes, and additional content has swept the world by storm.


But, it’s never too late for you to join in on the action. Raise your own Pokemon from eggs, collect iconic sync pairs and team up for the ultimate test for trainers. IF you have what it takes, go ahead and download Pokemon Masters EX for Android.

Returning and New Pokemon Masters Features

First, let’s go over the features that have stuck with the game. Since the release of the evolved version, new additions have presented themselves. It’s better to know what is returning and what is fresh.


Here are all of the previous characteristics, before the release of Pokemon Masters EX…

  • Experience a completely original storyline on the island of Passio. Here, the greatest trainers of all time have gathered to prove themselves as the undisputed champions.
  • With that being said, the roster of characters expands throughout the generations of Pokemon history. Find some of your very favorite rivals, heroes, gym leaders and more!
  • Play through tough 3v3 battles, organizing your trainers accordingly.

Some new features that have made it to Pokemon Masters are…

  • New 6 Star sync pairs will evolve in EX pairs. These will have a drastic increase in their sync moves. Additionally, the trainers’ outfits will evolve.
  • The Champion Stadium allows you to challenge the Elite Four and regional champion to test your skills. Can you earn a spot in the hall of fame?
  • Hatch new Pokemon from eggs to add onto your teams.

Generations Collide:

  • Generation 1: You’ll find Kanto fan favorites, such as Red, Brock, Misty, Blue, Lt. Surge, Giovanni, Agatha and more to come! You’ll find classic Pokemon here like Charizard, Pigeot, Mewtwo, and Gengar.
  • Generation 2: Gold, Silver, Whitney, Bugsy, Morty, Koga, and many other legendary trainers make their way from the Johto Region. Look out for the 2nd gen monsters like Meganium, Beedril, Miltank, and Crobat.
  • Generation 3: The perfect balance of land and sea, that is the Hoenn Region. Here, you will find trainers like May, Brendan, Steven Stone, Roxanne, Flannery, Drake, and other powerful rivals. Sceptile, Blaziken, Metagross, Torkoal, and Salamence are just some of the dangers that lurk in the region.
  • Generation 4: The Sinnoh Region is also no stranger to its fair share of masters. Dawn, Barry, Cynthia, and other trainers team up with Pokemon such as Garchomp and Empoleon.
  • Generation 5: The more industrial city based Unova brings and entirely new genre and generation of both Pokes and Trainers alike. Hilbert, Hilda, Alder, Grimsley, and Iris are just some of the most powerful the region has to offer. Their sync pair partners include Liepard, Oshawott, Zebstrika, Haxorous and more.
  • Generation 6: The French inspired Kalos brings more challenges your way. Fight through Serena, Diantha, Siebold and more with Pokemon that have the ability to mega evolve.
  • Generation 7: The Hawaiian region, Alola brings not gym leaders, but Kahunas and Trial Captains to center stage. Challenge or use some tough Pokemon and trainers like Lycanroc, Pallosand and more.

Download Pokemon Masters EX APK for Android

There aren’t any beefits with the APK just yet, as the EX game is still new. However, downloading the Pokemon Masters EX APK Latest Version will still grant you more storage space and a faster installation.

Fear not trainer – join the Masters League now. Grab your sync pairs and become the very best!

Download Pokémon Masters EX [104.53 Mb]


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