The Wild Darkness APK 1.3.03

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Download The Wild Darkness APK – mode – Free for Android if want to play a cute survival game in a dark world! Can you survive and become self-sufficient?

The Wild Darkness APK 1.3.03
Name The Wild Darkness
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.3.03
Size 97.96 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer PoPeyed Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ctugames.km2

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Survival games have been popping up in recent years. Although there are plenty of survival mobile games today, their premise is the same. The main goal in a survival game is to survive as long as you can. This means gathering resources, fighting off wild animals, building your shelter, and having a self-sustainable home. If you love survival games, then you’ll surely love this game!


The Wild Darkness is a survival game developed by Popeyed Inc. It has over 50 thousand downloads in Google Play Store despite being a relatively new game. In this game, you’ll wake up in a mysterious dark forest. Then, you must do whatever you can to survive in this barren world. If you’re curious read on

What is The Wild Darkness?

The survival genre has always been popular not just in games but in movies and tv shows as well. Countless shows have been made which depicts real people trying to overcome odds usually in a deserted island. Whether scripted or not, people still enjoy watching people trying to do whatever it takes to survive. If you’re a survival wannabe or you just love the topic, then this game is for you!


The Wild Darkness is a survival game that was developed by PoPeyed Inc. In this game, you’ll wake up in a dark forest all alone. Even though you’re confused, you must do everything you can to now survive. This means gathering resources, creating shelter, fending yourself off monsters and building a sustainable home. Everything you need to survive is already here. You just need to be resourceful enough to get them. Read on to learn more!

 Features of The Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness is an amazing survival game that lets you play with a cute character in a mysterious forest. In here, you must do everything you can to survive. Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – The goal of every survival game is to survive. In The Wild Darkness, it’s the same! You wake up in a mysterious forest and a sorcerer is casting a spell in the dark. This is where things begin. From here on out, you’re on your own. This means doing whatever is necessary to survive. This means gathering resources, creating a shelter, fighting off animals, and creating a sustainable farm. In this game, you’ll see your HP level and other levels that will indicate your life. Don’t let it get too low!


 Controls – The controls in The Wild Darkness is so easy. You only need to tap the location where you want to go and your character will automatically go there. Then, you can interact with things by tapping them. To fight an animal, just tap them repeatedly with a sword. Then, you can equip things from your backpack or throw them. In this game, there are plenty of resources you can collect. You also need to take note of your HP and other levels. Don’t let them get too low, otherwise, you’ll be dead and you’ll restart the game.

Graphics – The Wild Darkness boasts cute but epic graphics. In this game, you’ll play a character with anime characteristics. Then, you’ll also be in a forest filled with realistic designs such as grass, dungeons, and more. In this game, your character will be the only one lit with light. You can’t see far past your character because of the darkness.


 Endless game – The Wild Darkness challenges you to survive in this game and become fully sustainable. There’s no end to the game as long as you’re playing it. But if you get killed, the game will restart! This makes this game super challenging to play.

 Download The Wild Darkness APK

The Wild Darkness is an epic survival game that lets you survive in a dark and mysterious forest. Can you survive? Download the unlimited money & resources now!

Download The Wild Darkness [97.96 Mb]
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