The Superhero League APK 1.52

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Do you want to ever be a superhero? Who doesn’t want to? In The Superhero League APK, you can enjoy a game where you’ll help the superhero save the day!

The Superhero League APK 1.52
Name The Superhero League
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.52
Size 78.35 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Lion Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link com.onebutton.mrsuper

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Superheroes are fictional characters that are the main characters of a lot of movies and shows today. There are so many superhero flicks today that they’re changing the entertainment industry right now. But in our daily lives, we see a lot of superheroes everywhere we go such as the police, firemen, teachers and many more. But in The Superhero League, you can enjoy a superhero game where you can defeat the bad guys and save the hostages. Have fun saving the day today!

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In this game from Lion Studios, you’re able to help the hero by defeating countless bad guys. Here, you’ll face plenty of levels where you’ll need to think creatively to eliminate the bad guys. You also need to keep in mind the hostages as you do your work here. More than that, you can use the objects here to be creative and you can also face super villains. Enjoy a superhero game today and unlock many skins.

Defeat the Bad Guys

We’ve seen a lot of superhero movies, shows and games today that are popular worldwide. Superheroes are something that we wish we have in the real world which is why we are fans of a lot of them. There’s Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Green Lantern and countless superheroes that we know today. But in the game The Superhero League, you’ll get to be the superhero that the world needs today. In short, you’ll help save the civilians and destroy the enemies.

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In this game, you’ll face many levels where you’ll need to think hard about what to do. Even with superpowers, you’ll also need to creatively think your way through various scenarios. You might need to move certain objects, push something or you can enjoy doing various things today to get rid of the bad guys. There are plenty of levels today that you can enjoy completing. Here, you’ll only get a limited number of movies per level and you must complete all the objectives.

Here, the powers you’ll get is the ability to move objects and people wherever you want. This is a fun game that will test your wits!

The Superhero League Features 

Being a superhero takes more than just skills. You also need to assess a lot of things! Enjoy The Superhero League now.

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Solve Various Puzzles – There are many superhero movies and shows today that you can enjoy watching. We know so many superheroes today that they are the ones that run the entertainment world now. Because of this, countless mobile games have been born and one of them is The Superhero League. In this crazy and entertaining game, you don’t need fancy powers or incredible scenarios. You’ll just need to solve challenging puzzles and save the day.

Here, you’ll face unique puzzles in which you’ll need to make every try count. You’ll only get a limited number of tries per level and you need to complete all the objectives in those tries. You might be asked to eliminate all the bad guys and even save hostages in the game. Here, there are many objects and scenarios you’ll get to face in each level that will test your wits. Enjoy completing all of them today and unlock many rewards.

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Face Many Levels – In The Superhero League, you’ll be able to face many unique levels today. There are fun levels today that you can enjoy that require you to use your wits every time. You’ll need to be creative if you want to complete the levels in the game right now. Sometimes, you may need to bring the bomb in the enemy so you can eliminate them. Other times, you may need to avoid collateral damage.

Awesome Powers – The Superhero League allows you to have the superpowers of being able to move any object easily. Here, you can move objects and even people with your power so you can complete objectives. This is a handy power that will allow you to accomplish many things.

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Unlock Costumes – As you finish more levels, you’ll also be able to unlock many costumes! There are different colored costumes available and they are all amazing.

Perfect Graphics – Enjoy doing hero work today in cartoon graphics. Enjoy the fluid animations right now.

Download The Superhero League APK – No ads

Enjoy The Superhero League today and unlock many costumes and save the day every day.

Download The Superhero League [78.35 Mb]


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