Neon On APK 1.7.4

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Download Neon On APK Latest Version free download. Fun and quick puzzles for everyone to enjoy. Winning earns you some beautiful results.

Neon On APK 1.7.4
Name Neon On
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.7.4
Size 133.95 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price Free
Google Play Link com.crazylabs.neon.light.maze

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Enjoy a fun puzzle game for all ages. The greatest perk of the game is the satisfaction from completing each level. Introducing, Neon On – the color matching puzzle game for Android mobile devices.

Join together different chords to their appropriate plugs and they’ll light up with beautiful colors. Complete each puzzle to be rewarded with some of the best imagery available on Android.


If you love looking at neon lights, as well as playing fun puzzles, then this is definitely the game for you. Test your brain and problem solving skills as you solve each of these levels. Earn coins to unlock different content. Finally, get some bright and vibrant visuals.

Download Neon On for Android now.

How to Play

The game is actually really simple and easy to play. The main objective of the game is to connect chords to corresponding lights. These lights are displayed in different colors. Match the colors to the other side of the chord, where you need to plug them into the circuit box.

Tap and hold onto each of the cable circuits in order to select them. Now drag the chord into the plug, in order to start up the circuit’s light.


There will also be some instances where colors will require more than one color to activate. In this case, you’ll need to connect the two circuits together, before plugging the end to the box. Successfully completing a level will reward you with an amazing image full of different neon lights.

There are tons of different genres of levels to complete. Some of these genres include sports, tasty images, and animals. You can also be rewarded new skins for your circuits to add even more personality to your gameplay.

Graphics and Interface

The graphics of Neon On are probably the most amazing aspect of the game. That’s probably the main reason why you would want to play this game. For instance, as noted previously with the gameplay, the goals of each level is to power the image.

Every image is dazzling with neon lights. These lights are beautiful and absolutely stunning to look at. Additionally, while you connect each circuit to their respective plug, their lights begin glowing. The lights are also tantalizing and drawing to look like. So, of course, the final result at the end is an explosion of many different neon colors mixed together.


And the lights are even more drawing when you add skins. The skins mixed with lights are such a great combination.

Besides that, the game is also displayed in a simple 3D style. This is bittersweet, as there are both good and bad aspects of the simplistic graphics.

The bad – the game looks surprisingly dull when the circuits aren’t connected. That is, unless you have skins on your circuits already.

The good – once the lights come on, the simplicity really compliments the neon. Neon lights mixed with simplistic graphics and dull backgrounds really make the final image explode.

Neon On APK Free Download

If you ever want to get a head start in the game, you should definitely download the modified version of the APK. You can cheat the game and not have to worry about a lot of the tedious processes of the original version of the game.


The APK could contain the following:

Download Neon On APK latest version free for Android now! Get an addicting and tantalizing puzzle game. The final result of every level is an explosion of neon lights!

Download Neon On [133.95 Mb]


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