Tank Stars Mod APK 2.2.3 (Unlocked everything/Unlimited money)

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Download Tank Stars Mod APK for Android to get a ‘Worms’ style tank fighting game where you have to destroy you opponents before they hit you.

Tank Stars Mod APK 2.2.3 (Unlocked everything/Unlimited money)
Name Tank Stars
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.2.3
Size 170.26 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Playgendary
Price Free
Google Play Link com.playgendary.tanks

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Become a deadly tank captain. Download Tank Stars Mod APK to get in on some epic tank fighting action. You’ll be tasked with commanding a tank and choosing from a massive array of deadly weapons to destroy your opponents before they destroy you!

In this PVP tank fighting game for mobile, you’ll be rushed right off of your feet and thrown straight into the heart of the action. Take no prisoners and prepare for all-out war in this awesome action military game for Android.


You can go against the computer or really put your skills to the test and fight against other players from around the world in awesome online multiplayer mode. Have fun whether you have internet connection or not and challenge people from all over the world now.

Explosive fun and games

The game is certainly a fit for anyone who is looking for explosions, action, war scenes, and just an all-round simple and addictive mobile game. Tank Stars takes its inspiration from the tank games that were designed on PC after the game ‘Worms’ became a hit.

They follow a similar strategy: Two tanks that must take it in turns to shoot at one another. You can equip deadly weapons to your tank to make your turn more devastating. Act fast and act hard, as your opponent will be trying to take you out as quickly as they can to ensure a solid victory.


You’ll be able to equip everything from a simple tank missile round to an atomic bomb, and everything in-between. Cluster bombs, napalm, bunker busters, Tomahawk missiles, and more. There’s no stopping you once you’ve upgraded to the most powerful weapons in the game.

Tips for playing Tank Stars Mod APK

If you want to clean up the battle field with the ruined skeletons of your opponents’ tanks, then you’ll need to follow some simple rules when playing the game. Here are our top pro tips for playing Tank Stars Mod APK.


Choose the right weapon: You get to choose what kind of tank you want to use in the beginning of the game. The tanks are all actually pretty much the same, apart from one key difference: the weapons they can use. You want to choose a tank that lets you use your preferred weapons. Of course, the first time you play the game, you won’t know, so do a bit of experimenting, find one that you like, and stick with this throughout the game.

Upgrade the weapons you like: Once you’ve found your chosen weapons, pick the tank that supports them and then focus on upgrading the hell out of them to make them more deadly. Do this as soon as possible and you’ll be a much more powerful force on the battlefield.

Watch ads for chests: Chest are useful for getting the cards necessary to upgrade your weapons. Make sure that you get as many of them as possible and keep upgrading your guns along the way. This will ensure a smooth road to victory.


Winning in Tournament Mode: In this mode, you’ll have your tanks facing wave after wave of enemy tanks. The best way to win in this mode is to choose a tank that does good area damage. Seeing as you’ll be against many opponents at once, the best way to win is to choose a tank that can hit them all at once.

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Tank Stars Mod APK

Want to enjoy the game with all the best weapons at an earlier stage? Download the Tank Stars Mod APK you’ll have tons of in-game currency to throw at upgrading your weapons and tanks. Ready? Let’s go!

Download Tank Stars [170.26 Mb]
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