Super Toss The Turtle APK 1.182.70

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Download Super Toss The Turtle APK – latest version – for Android to compete against friends and become the ultimate Turtle Tosser. Up to the challenge?

Super Toss The Turtle APK 1.182.70
Name Super Toss The Turtle
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.182.70
Size 45.95 Mb
Category Action
Developer GonzoSSM
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gonzossm.sttt

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Become who you were destined to be – a tosser. Download Super Toss The Turtle mod APK now to put your skills to the test and throw turtles using canons, guns, nukes, catapults, and just about any other weapon or contraption in this crazy awesome action game.

super toss the turtle mod apk new version

There are some games that are just a little too fun and hilariously addictive. This is one of them. What is the aim, you ask? To toss the turtle as far as it’ll go. By hitting other flying and bouncing objects in mid-flight, your turtle will hopefully be able to go a lot further than if you’d simply launched it out of a canon and calling it a day.

There a loads of weapons that you can use to launch your turtle into the air – some of them are much more gruesome than others! There are also loads of different animals to send hurling into the skies to no destination other than their inevitable flaming death.

Die turtle, die!

Hit the spikes at the end, or wind your turtle up in a flying machine until it ultimately crashes and burns. There isn’t much hope for the turtle or other animals here. Honesty, the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles would not be impressed.

super toss the turtle apk latest version

The aim of the game is to get your turtle to go as far as humanely possible before it crashes – and this is certainly something that you can achieve by simply blowing it out of a canon and letting the horrendous obstacles in the poor thing’s path do the rest. Try not to get your turtle killed too soon – even though that’ll end up happening for sure.

Your friends can join the game, too. They’ll have turtles of their own, or giant walking bananas, or rabbits, or just about any of the other weird and wonderful characters in the game. They’ll be trying to toss them further than you, so make sure that you’re ready for a challenge!

Tips for playing Super Toss the Turtle APK

Every game has its shortcuts and tips for success. Super Toss The Turtle APK is no different. Here are some of our top tips for playing the game to the best of your ability and beating all of your friends in the process.

super toss the turtle mod apk free download

Aim high – but not too high. The trick when tossing the turtle is to find an upward trajectory, but not so high up that it just falls down again – you want it to be around a 60 degree angle, which will allow it to fly far and then hopefully land on something that will keep it going even longer.

Get some lucky charms. We’re not talking about in the game – we’re talking about in real life! This game is actually a LOT about luck. Whether or not your animal hits another object that will bounce it back up and into flight again, or whether it’ll simply get impaled on a cluster of spikes is really all random. There isn’t any way to ensure that you’ll be able to get a better score than your friend, it’s just all chance. This means that the key is to get a good initial launch, and hope for the best after that. This happens to also be what makes the game so much fun to play!

download super toss the turtle for android

Watch ads to get shells. Shells help you unlock new characters and watching a 30-second ad at the end of each round is one way to get them. There is another, more simple way to get shells as well…

Download Super Toss the Turtle APK

If you’re looking to unlock all the characters early on in the game and then be able to focus on having fun by shooting them all to their death, then download the unlimited money APK to get all the shells you need for a super fun gaming session! Enjoy!

Download Super Toss The Turtle [45.95 Mb]


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