Stone Grass APK 1.49.5rc

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Download Stone Grass APK latest version and enjoy dynamic challenges involving trimming grass lawns. It has superb rewards and exhilarating tasks.

Stone Grass APK 1.49.5rc
Name Stone Grass
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.49.5rc
Size 197.40 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Freeplay Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link com.frph.stonegrass

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Comprehensive Details about Stone Grass APK

Stone Grass is an arcade game that challenges you to establish a business from your passion for cutting grass. Your main goal will be to trim overgrown grasses, making the lawns look great.

While that sounds simple, it will become complicated as you progress with the gameplay. You must be creative to solve puzzles and complete your tasks as scheduled. It tests your tenacity, patience, and resilience.

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If you want a mind-provoking arcade game to keep yourself busy, you should download Stone Grass APK for Android. This application is only 63M and is optimized to work with Android 4.4+ devices.

An Exciting Gameplay from

The stone grass APK has pretty straightforward gameplay. It takes you through different events that challenge you to trim grass lawns. You'll complete your task by plowing, planting lawn grass, and harvesting it. This will boost your income.

As mentioned earlier, it's not easy to accomplish tasks as scheduled. There are puzzles along the way to make things harder for you. The game gets more difficult as you progress in terms of what is expected from you.

Additionally, the game features a dynamic weather system. It tests your tenacity and patience. You must be smart in completing tasks when it's raining or snowing outside.

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The more work you complete, the higher the profit you'll gain. Upgrade your tools and equipment as necessary to level up. That way, you'll be poised to explore new areas and finish routine tasks quickly.

Outstanding Features of Stone Grass APK

  • Unique Challenges. The game's main mechanics are pretty straightforward. You need to cut grass lawns to make a profit. However, it gets more complicated as you level up your tasks. You must be creative to complete puzzles that come with different events.
  • Advanced Game Physics. The physics of the game is well-developed. For instance, you have to push objects when moving them so they do not fall or roll away. It's more challenging in terms of many different obstacles that block certain areas. Every action that you do feels realistic.
  • Dynamic Weather System. The game features a dynamic weather system that tests your patience and tenacity. For instance, it's raining outside, but you have to complete tasks as scheduled. You may need to prepare well before starting the day's event. Otherwise, chances are you'll run out of time or fail in cutting the lawns.
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  • Upgradable Equipment. There are a variety of tools and equipment that you can use to complete tasks faster. You'll need these items if you want to explore new areas, discover hidden objects, finish routine events, and proceed through the game as scheduled. You can level up your character and buy or upgrade various tools and machines.
  • Different Areas to Explore. As you progress in the game, you'll go through different events in diverse areas of Stone Grass. For instance, you'll see lush grass lawns when visiting a new location. You may even discover objects or animals while exploring these locations!
  • Dynamic Lawns. The game lets you explore overgrown grass lawns that are suitable for cutting. You can level up your character to handle different tasks as scheduled.

Become the Idle Grass-Cutting Tycoon!

This game has a business element in it. You must take the challenge seriously and focus on finishing tasks as scheduled. You can upgrade tools and equipment to level up your character. The more work you complete, the higher the profit you'll gain from it.

In addition, there are side quests during different events in Stone Grass APK. These include hidden objects that you have to discover or specific actions to perform.

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Your ultimate goal should be to expand your territory, get more clients, and gain high profits. You can even earn bonuses when exploring new locations, discovering hidden objects, leveling up characters, and upgrading tools. This will help you increase the speed and boost efficacy.

Crisp and Realistic 3D Graphics

The game's graphics are well-developed. It features high-quality 3D visuals that look crisp and realistic on mobile devices. You'll love the impressive animations of NPCs, animals, buildings, objects, vehicles, machines, and everything else in Stone Grass APK.

Even better, you can customize your character. For instance, you can choose between different outfits to wear. You can even change hairstyles, facial details, and accessories to ensure that your character looks stylish.

Download Stone Grass APK for Android

If you want to accelerate your journey of becoming the grass-cutting tycoon, you should get the Stone Grass APK download. This modded version has the following outstanding features:

  •  Stone Grass APK The app gives access to both gems and money that you can use to upgrade tools, buy items, and level up your character. As such, you will be able to complete quests and take part in events as scheduled.
download stone grass mod apk for android
  •  Stone Grass APK You won't be worried about your energy levels when using the APK. It lets you explore new locations and discover hidden objects in Stone Grass without worrying about energy limitations.
  • No Ads. The modded version of Stone Grass has no ads. Thus, you won't be disturbed by ads while playing the game. Note: Some features require in-app purchases to enjoy this game fully.
  • All Bugs Fixed. This modified app works flawlessly. As such, you won't have to deal with bugs.

This modded version is unavailable on Google Play Store. However, you can download it from a trusted third-party site.


Stone Grass is an awesome game that features impressive visuals, functional controls, and interesting quests. You can level up your character and buy or upgrade various tools and machines to finish tasks faster.

If you want to explore new locations and find hidden objects without worrying about energy levels, get the modded version of Stone Grass APK. It is free of ads and lets you enjoy this game with unlimited money and gems.

Download Stone Grass [197.40 Mb]


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