Squad Alpha APK 1.7.19

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Do you want to enjoy a new type of shooting game? Squad Alpha offers a 3D and a top-down view shooting game. Enjoy many weapons, upgrades, and more!

Squad Alpha APK 1.7.19
Name Squad Alpha
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.7.19
Size 600.01 Mb
Category Action
Developer SayGames
Price Free
Google Play Link com.game.missioncrit

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Shooting games are prevalent everywhere in the world. A lot of console and PC games today are in the shooting genre, with various subgenres available. There are all sorts of popular games like Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and many more today.

But when it comes to mobile games, there are so many available ones that you can also enjoy. One of the newest and most unique ones is Squad Alpha!

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This is a game that’s similar to Brawl Stars in looks and concept. But the only different thing is that this is a shooting game, and you’re on a top-down view. Here, you’ll be able to fight with enemies, hide in bushes, and fight against others.

There are many mechanics and strategies that you can employ in this game, and you can also unlock exciting weapons. Upgrade your guns now and get loots in the middle of fights to fight against plenty of opponents today!

Enjoy Shooting with Squad Alpha

Countless shooting games are available to play in this day and age. We’re obsessed with shooting games which are why plenty of developers are making new ones each day. Even so, most shooting games today are regurgitated garbage that’s just a copy of an already established game.

So, if you’re ready to experience something new, download Squad Alpha today! This game offers a top-down view of a 3D shooting game with smooth animations and intense fights.

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If you love Brawl Stars, then the look and feel of this game are similar to that game. Here, you’re able to enjoy a vertical game where you can view your surroundings from the top. This should provide you with a clearer view of upcoming opponents so you can position yourself easily.

You’ll then be able to move around using a joystick button and shoot automatically. When you’re shooting, you’ll stop moving, so you must be wary of your surroundings.

As such, this is one of the perfect shooting games to play on mobile since you don’t need to aim anymore! Enjoy many weapons, skins, and costumes now!

Highlights of Squad Alpha

If you think you have what it takes to be a top soldier, download Squad Alpha now and show off your slick shooting skills.

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The New Shooting Game – The shooting games of today are visually appealing, complex, and highly complicated. There are different ways you can shoot enemies, and some shooting games even add magic and other elements to them. This is why so many people are enjoying this genre since it’s growing so much. But if you want a mobile shooting game that’s simpler and easier to the eyes, you can download Squad Alpha! This is one of the most straightforward shooting games you can play today.

Here, you only need to move your character around the map, which consists of different walls, bushes, trees, and various enemies. Your character will shoot the enemies automatically when you stop moving, so you don’t need to do it manually.

This means that you’ll have more time to move around and create strategies. You’ll also enjoy the top-down view, which will allow you to see the 360-view of your surroundings.

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Vertical view and one-tap controls – Most shooting games today can be played horizontally and with plenty of controls. Players will also need to aim and use the shoot and move buttons at the same time! This makes shooting games of today a bit challenging and time-consuming for casual players.

This is why Squad Alpha is the perfect game to play if you’re looking for quick and easy fun. This game lets you control your character with a virtual joystick button easily. Then, you don’t need to shoot as your character will do it for you!

It would help if you were careful as your character will stop once it shoots. But you’ll be able to scout ahead, unlike other shooting games, because the view is on the top.

Unlock weapons and upgrade – Squad Alpha is a game that allows you to unlock many weapons. There are different types available like pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, and many more.

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There are also grenades and all sorts of throwables here! Feel free to upgrade your weapons to increase their stats as you fight more formidable enemies. Overall, many guns are awaiting you here!

Skins and loots – There are also many types of agents that you can freely buy here. There’s Toxic Rick, Badd Tech, Shurry Ken, Colt Bro, Number 7, Ice Baby, and more!

Play in 200 levels – Fight against terrorists and all sorts of bad guys now in different levels. You’ll be able to fight many bosses here!

Download Squad Alpha APK

If you want a fantastic new shooting game, download Squad Alpha today and experience a straightforward game!

Download Squad Alpha [600.01 Mb]


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