Sports 18 APK v4.35.5.2

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Download Sports 18 APK and enjoy using this sports application to receive local sports updates. Receive highlights, recaps, and live scores from your favorite teams.

Sports 18 APK v4.35.5.2
Name Sports 18
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v4.35.5.2
Size 31.9 MB
Category Sports
Developer Nexstar Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.newssynergy.wetmsports

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Introduction to Sports 18 APK

If you are a fan of the local team in your area and you're looking for the best way to stay up to date with all the action and news, then Sports 18 APK is the ideal choice for you. With this application, you never miss out on anything that has to do with your favorite sports teams. There are thousands of people using this app, and many more downloading it daily. Sports lovers especially make use of this application.

sports 18 apk download

The Sports 18 APK android app is a sporting platform that provides news and information on all the local sports and entertainment around your region. It is a news application where information is provided to people, and with this app, you will always be kept updated with all that is happening around the world of local sports in your area. People have fallen in love with this app because of its usefulness and convenience, and if you are a lover of sports, then this application is one that you should have on your mobile device. The Sports 18 APK download can be made here, and it can be downloaded instantly.

You must have the Sports 18 APK latest version installed on your mobile device as you will be using a better app with better features, improvements, bug fixes, and an overall better user interface. The developers are continually upgrading this application as new news updates are coming out, although it was initially released on the 4th of August, 2016, and was offered by Nexstar Inc. This is an application whose primary purpose is providing news and information to people all around the world, so it is an application that everyone can use, there are no restrictions, and every age can install this application on their device. All that is needed is a suitable device and adequate storage space to install the application.

sports 18 apk free download

One exciting thing about this application is that it is free of charge and there is no need to pay any subscription or charges before installing it. The Sports 18 APK free download is available here, and once it is installed, you can dive into a world of instant updates and an excellent local sports experience at the convenience of your mobile device. So what are you waiting for? Download this application and enjoy the benefits that it comes with.

Exciting Features to Look Out For

This application is rich with different exciting features users should look for as they use it. Some of them include the following:

Continuous Updates:

The makers are constantly updating this application with new features and fixes to make the application better for everyone to use. It is advisable for users to constantly download the latest version as you will enjoy a more satisfying user experience and more app functionality. The app was last updated on the 7th of October, 2020, and when you make a new download here, you automatically download the new version.

Highlights and Recaps:

On this application, you are allowed to watch highlights of games that have already been played, and you get to watch videos and extended highlights of the best parts of the game. This makes using this application more exciting for people as they'll never miss out on any action. View the recap and extensive analysis of the game on this application as you go through different recordings of the game.

sports 18 apk


People are free to modify the notification settings on this application and set it to their taste and satisfaction. Enjoy making changes to the application's notification system to ensure that you never miss out on the action that comes from your favorite players and your best sports teams. Benefit from getting daily updates from your favorite sports around your area and keep up to date with everything that is happening. Receive notifications when your favorite team makes an impactful event during the game.

Easy User interface:

Making use of this application has never been seen as stressful or complicated. Users can conveniently navigate around the application and have no problems doing what they want to do. People never have problems with it, as some guidelines and instructions are provided to make it more straightforward. The application is also well organized with multiple categories, so people will quickly understand how to go around it. As you keep using it, you will get used to using it.

sports 18 apk for android

Free of Charge:

One thing that appeals to everyone that uses this application is that it has been made entirely free of charge by the developers, and you don't have to pay a dime before downloading it and start using it. Immediately you start using this app, you are granted total access to all the features of this application.

Useful Tips for the Features

There are multiple ways to use this application to the fullest. To enjoy a better app experience, follow the guidelines and tips

Firstly, it is vital to continually update the latest version of the application as it comes out because the makers are always trying to make the best version and improvements that will make it more comfortable for people to use.

Also, setting the notifications to your preferences is good as you will enjoy getting updates from your best players, teams, and all sporting events you are interested in. This makes using the application more convenient for you as you will easily be kept up to date with what you are interested in instead of all the teams in that particular location.

sports 18 apk android

Again, if you are very busy and might miss out on watching games live, you can enjoy viewing the highlights and recap of the game from the app. Making use of this will always keep you engaged.


Sports 18 APK is a fantastic application that sports lovers can benefit from. Cool features will keep users interested as long as they use this application.

Download Sports 18 [31.9 MB]


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