Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer APK 1.47.1

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Download Football Strike APK – latest version – for Android and harness your goal-kicking and goalkeeping prowess. Now, you can focus on the most important football skills!

Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer APK 1.47.1
Name Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.47.1
Size 125.24 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Google Play Link com.miniclip.footballstrike

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Football simulation games are very widely available, especially on mobile. However, it’s still very difficult to find one that helps you focus on kicking goals and guarding the goal post. Those days are over! Download the free Football Strike APK and enjoy simple gameplay centered on the most important aspects of football.


The game also allows you to play as a goalkeeper in a football sim with very realistic graphics. The gameplay is so straightforward without compromising the fun and excitement. Football Strike APK will not bother you with complicated game mechanics as it lays out clear objectives for you. New obstacles will be revealed as you level up posing new challenges for you!

You should also look forward to the graphics and sound effects of this game. The Football Strike android animations are very detailed with great colors yet still very responsive.

You might not be a fan of background music constantly playing, and that’s okay. However, trust us, you would want to leave the sound effects settings on because they’re also very realistic. It just adds another layer of excitement!

Simple Yet Fast-Moving Gameplay

The problem with football sims is they usually have over-complicated gameplay and requirements before you can level up. You then end up getting bored and giving up, but that won’t be the case here. You’ll find yourself leveling up in the perfect pacing because every match won’t take much of your time. The fast-paced nature of the game only makes it more thrilling.


Goal-kicking and goalkeeping are at the core of the entire game, but each game mode is designed with distinct mechanics and offers different objectives for you. When you download the latest version of the Football Strike APK, you’ll probably spend the most time playing the two main game modes. These modes are:

  • Shooting Race– You’ll be paired with another player and the main goal is to get a higher score by the end of the match. You’ll start with 45 seconds on the clock, but there will be an additional 5 seconds on every tier you unlock.

You’ll have to hit the targets placed in specific areas of the goal post. Higher tiers have additional challenges, for example, the targets will start moving in Tier 2. Hit your intended target before your opponent does so you’ll be the one to get the point. Your view angle and distance from the goal post will automatically change after each score made. 

  • Free Kick– Here, you’ll get the whole experience of a penalty kick. That means you get to be the striker and the goalkeeper. It’s in PvP format as well, so you and your opponent will take turns in kicking the ball and blocking it. Each tier has specific objectives, and the player who gets the closest to completing those will win. Higher tiers also unlock more and tougher challenges.

Realistic 3D Graphics and Exciting Sound Effects

There’s just so much thought put into the graphics and details of the avatars, the balls, the uniforms, the goal post, the stadium and its environment, and even the spectators in the background. The animations are in 3D, too!


The game’s sound effects are also very realistic giving you the feeling of actually being in a stadium. You’ll notice this when you kick the ball, jump for defense, and the clapping and cheering of the audience. It only makes the game more thrilling and that penalty kicks even more exciting!

Easy-to-Learn Game Controls

You’ll love the fact that there are very few controls to learn here, which is perfect for a game that progresses quickly. When scoring, you’ll have to swipe starting at the ball and on to your chosen target in the goal post. You’ll need perfect timing depending on the game mode you’re playing (see game tips below).

To defend the goal, you’d simply swipe to where the ball is going. Goalkeeping is more challenging here and the only way to do it is to swipe precisely and quickly as soon as the opponent kicks the ball Yes, you’ll need to be intuitive about the direction that the striker would take or else you’ll be too late.

Customization Options for Skills and Appearance

There are three main customization options in the game: your player’s stats (Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Shot Curve, and Goalkeeping); the ball’s design and stats; and Kits, aka your avatar’s appearance, hairstyle, and uniform. Access these via the dedicated Customize button in the lower part of the game’s home page.


The Kits customization options are noteworthy in Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer. You can choose to play as a man or a woman. Either way, you’ll get to choose from an array of facial appearances and hairstyles for free. Facial hairs are also available for male avatars.

Of course, you can change outfits but you’ll have to win these uniforms or get them through the Elite Bags. Elite Bags are locked in the shop. You can purchase it with Football Strike in-game cash that you can earn through collecting Achievements, by leveling up, or by paying with real money.

Tips for Better Chances of Winning

Yes, the game’s main premise is simple but the way to level up can be quite intricate. Before you dive into the game, take note of these important tips to experience Football Strike APK the best way possible.

When to kick slowly and quickly: In Shooting Race, accuracy is more important than speed because you have specific targets. In Free Kick, however, the entire goal post is yours to take so faster kicks are advisable – the faster you hit the ball, the harder it is to defend.

Target the orange spots: Whenever there are targets in a match, you’ll notice that there are orange spots in the post. They’re often found at the center of the round targets and the top corners of the goal post. These give away more points when hit. When the round targets start to move in higher tiers, the orange corner targets remain stationary. These make them much better areas to aim at.

Upgrade your avatar and ball stats: This is one of the smartest moves you can take in Football Strike APK. Remember the four stats mentioned above? They make your character an all-around better player. Your kicks will be faster (therefore, difficult to defend), more accurate, and you’ll have better defensive skills.

The only way to upgrade your avatar and ball stats is by collecting Cards. You can randomly get these from victory loot bags. To get them for sure, you’ll have to buy enough in-game cash (with real money) for the Elite Bags.

Football Strike

Don’t be discouraged if the best features are locked behind a paywall – there’s a free download of Football Strike APK that will give you Always goal, Easy lucky ball. Now, nothing can stop you from upgrading your football skills!

Download Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer [125.24 Mb]


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