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In the age of mobile gaming, we see many today that are absolutely dominating the market. The horror game genre is one of the dark horses since a lot of people are always looking for simulation, shooting and action games. But horror games have become bigger today thanks to certain games such as Specimen Zero. This game has brought millions of players to the game which is uncommon for this genre. But if you want to get better at the game, you’ll need to know the Specimen Zero map!

map for specimen zero


In this game, you’re kidnapped by some unknown things and brought into a creepy building. After you wake up, you find that you’re in an abandoned building and you must find a way to escape. In this game, you must do everything you can to find clues, tools and weapons to protect yourself. You can also play with other real people and only the last person wins! But if you’re here, you probably want to master the map of the game which will show you.

Why is Specimen Zero Popular?

The gaming world consists of many popular titles and games that are always competing with each other. Today, you can literally play thousands of them in a variety of genres, styles and other things. So, if you’re tired of the same battle royale or the same action game, you can enjoy a different one today. Even if you don’t like horror games, you’ll be intrigued by what Specimen Zero can offer! This is a multiplayer horror survival game that will test your survival skills.

specimen zero map guide

Oftentimes, people run out of danger when they encounter them. But in this game, you must steel your resolve and find a way to get into a safe zone. You must then find tools like screwdrivers, flashlights, guns, medicines and more to protect yourself. You must also replenish your ammo and batteries as these are the most important tools in here. The building is dark and there are a variety of rooms that you can explore in this game. But you need to be extremely careful lest you alert the enemies.

The enemies in this game are creepy monsters that don’t have eyes. However, their hearing is incredible so you can’t escape them if you make a huge noise! Play with friends or by yourself in this game and enjoy a variety of game difficulties. Test your survival skills and your aptitude for horror games today and get these features:

specimen zero map layout
  • Explore many buildings and rooms
  • 3D Gameplay and graphics
  • Solve puzzles and collect items
  • Play with others in multiplayer mode
  • Plenty of difficulties
  • Realistic survival game

Specimen Zero Map

In Specimen Zero, survival is important. In order to escape, you must brave through numerous hardships and creepy rooms. But if you know the layout of the buildings, then this makes it easier to escape. So, in this post, we’ll breakdown the map for you!

specimen zero map keys

1st Floor – The first floor is where the basement key room is located. Here, you can enter the basement room using the key card that you can get from the 2nd floor. When you enter this room, you can get the key from the cabinet. Then, you’ll need to go to the basement where you can unlock the door where you can search for the red key card and the other key.

2nd Floor – The 2nd floor is where most of the rooms will be located. As you can see on the image, you’ll start the game at the Spawn Room. Then, there are also other rooms here such as the Orange Keycard Room, Key 2 Room, Cable Roll Room 1, Cable Roll Room 2, Key Stairs Room, and Stairs. You’ll be spending the majority of your time in this floor since you’ll need to unlock the different rooms!

1F Laboratory – The laboratory is located on the first floor and it contains many rooms as well. You can pick up items in here such as a crow bar, flashlights and many more.

Final Thoughts

The maps that you’ve seen in here will greatly help you when you play Specimen Zero Mod APK ! Try to memorize the layout or open it when you’re playing for an advantage.

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