How to Find Specimen Zero Code

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Do you love playing horror games that challenges you to do your best? There are many action, shooting and puzzle games that are available right now that you can play. But what seems to be going on a rise are horror games that are a combination of a lot of genres. One prime example of this is Specimen Zero as it’s a game where you can play and go around different rooms to find the exit. So, if you want to know how to find Specimen Zero codes, stick around.

specimen zere code door

This game was published by Café Studio and it recently became trending in a lot of countries. Now, a lot of people are playing this game with their friends and other players. This is a fun game where you need to escape the place together with your friends before the alien eats you. Here, you’ll need to work together to find key cards, guns and escape!

Specimen Zero Door Code

Horror games have become trending over the past years thanks to numerous games flying off the shelves. We used to play horror games a lot by ourselves but as we all know; multiplayer games are now more popular. Games like PUBG, Call of Duty and even Mobile Legends have taken over the world. We now enjoy playing with people more than ever in our mobile phones. This is why a lot of games today incorporate a multiplayer aspect in their games thanks to the demand.

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So, if you’re looking for a horror game that can entertain you and your friends, try Specimen Zero! This is a game that’s become super popular over the past weeks as it’s a unique one. Here, the goal is to find the exit to the building where you’re located. The building has many creepy rooms and monsters that are roaming around trying to devour you. Here, you must be careful and you can even work with other players to find key cards and other useful items.

There are many doors that needs to be unlocked before you can get to the exit. But if you all work together, you can definitely achieve it. However, you’ll face the problem of the locked exit. Here, you must first find the necessary tools that the game requests in order to get the code. You can then go to the elevator, and other areas to do so. So, if you’re having a hard time trying to find the codes, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Find Specimen Zero Code

There are a lot of things you’ll need to consider when you’re playing Specimen Zero. But if you want to finish the game easily, you’ll find these tips to be helpful in finding Specimen Zero codes!

Watch Tutorials – The last thing you’ll need to do in order to get out of the building in this game is to input the code. But, in order to get the code, you first need to get out of the spawn room. In this game, there are many things you’ll need in order to get out of the exit. But the most important tools are the keycards and the codes. So, if you’re wondering where they are located, they mostly just spawn in the same floors every time.

how to find specimen zero code

This is why it’s a good idea to watch YouTube guides and walkthroughs so you will know where to look at. For now, we can tell you that you can definitely find a code at the first floor and the 2nd floor and the laboratory.

Work Together – If you’re playing multiplayer, you need to work together in order to find the codes easily. This means that there should be cooperation and ideally, you should communicate via voice chat with your teammates. But if you’re playing with random people, the text chat in the game will suffice. Also, everyone should always have one another’s back!

specimen zero code number

Memorize the layout – If you want to quickly win a match of Specimen Zero, you need to memorize the layout of the map. There’s the basement, 1st floor, and 2nd floor. First, you’ll spawn at 2nd floor and you’ll slowly make your way downwards! Once you have memorized the layout, it becomes easier to know where the codes are every time.


Even though the codes spawn randomly in Specimen Zero APK it’s easy to get them if you know where they spawn. Hopefully, this guide has helped you!

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