How to Download Specimen Zero in iOS

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Horror is a genre that’s found in games, movies, shows and others. Although we generally hate anything scary, some people love to challenge themselves with horror topics. Some love reading horror books, some love watching it while others can stomach an intense horror game. In your quest to find the perfect horror mobile game, you may have come across Specimen Zero but found that it’s only available for Android. Thankfully, you can get Specimen Zero for iOS now!

specimen zero for ios download

Although this game isn’t officially available for iOS devices, there’s a workaround to it. The steps we’re about to show you works with any iOS device so you don’t need to play the game on Android. To date, there are millions of players who enjoy this multiplayer horror game that allows you to escape a building full of scary experiments. Here, you can use every possible thing you can fund since as guns, batteries, lights, CCTV and more. You can even play the game with friends!

What is Specimen Zero?

The gaming world today is filled with various types of games in different genres. We enjoy these games today by ourselves or with friends and random people today since we can do so. One of the most popular genres right now is horror and we can do a lot of things with these games. The most popular type of horror game today is escape games where you need to find a way to escape a house. These games combine different elements like puzzles, shooting, and horror.

specimen zero for ios

One of the most popular games like this is Specimen Zero Mod Menu and it’s a unique game developed by Café Studio. In this game, you can explore multiple buildings filled with creepy things today. These buildings seem to be hospitals filled with labs and horrifying rooms that are filled with unidentifiable objects. Here, you can collect many resources to help you escape such as batteries, flashlights, guns, cameras, and many more. You can also move to any direction to find the exit to this haunted building!

There are plenty of secrets waiting to be discovered and you’ll also need to eliminate plenty of horrifying objects! But the good news is that you can play with friends today so you can communicate and form strategies. In this game, you’ll enjoy the highly realistic graphics as well as sound effects which provide a great experience. There’s nothing more you can do but survive today so you don’t get eaten!

How to Get Specimen Zero for iOS?

Specimen Zero is a terrifyingly good game that will keep you at the edge of your seat! But as you know, this game is only officially available for Android. But thankfully, we’ve found a solution for this that you can follow right now. We’ve listed down the steps you can follow below:

how to download specimen zero in ios
  1. First, on your iOS device, go to (This website only works on iOS devices!)
  2. Go to the Games section.
  3. You should see Specimen Zero in the list of games, tap Install.
  4. Before the game completely installs on your device, you need to follow the verification process. You should complete the 2 offers listed.
  5. That’s it, you should now have the game on your iOS device.


Now that you know how to download Specimen Zero for iOS, it’s easy to play with your friends today. Just follow the steps above and download!

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