Sonic Forces APK 4.28.1

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Download Sonic Forces APK for Android and enjoy one of the best versions of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog. Prepare for the most thrilling racing game you’ll ever experience!

Sonic Forces APK 4.28.1
Name Sonic Forces
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 4.28.1
Size 314.11 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer SEGA
Price Free
Google Play Link com.sega.sprint

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If you grew up playing classic family home computers and gaming consoles, you probably grew up seeing Sonic the Hedgehog running around your screen. What if we told you there’s a way to experience those fun moments again right on your Android device? All you need is to download the free Sonic Forces APK and see the world’s most popular hedgehog collecting those gold rings again!


It’s going to be more than just reliving your childhood memories because Sonic Forces offers major upgrades in terms of gameplay and graphics. You’ll never get bored with this game, thanks to its brilliantly designed racing tracks and unpredictable obstacles.

Best of all, you can play as the other characters from the Sonic franchise! It’s really the perfect way to travel down memory lane and enjoy one of your favorite video games.

Very Challenging Battle-Racing Gameplay

Trust us, Sonic Forces is nothing like any of the monotonous racing games you’ve ever played. There’s a very good reason why it’s called a “battle-racing” game.

In Sonic Forces, you don’t just join a racing match and run around because it also challenges you to come up with a good strategy to win. Every character has special abilities called Items. They can either make you run faster or attack your opponent when they’re getting ahead of you.


The behind-the-back attacks may sound devious, but that’s what makes the game extra fun and challenging! Not to mention, that’s where the word “battle” comes to play.

There are also the usual racing tracks elements like obstacles. In fact, there’s plenty of them in Sonic Forces. However, they’re elaborately designed that you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled or else they would really slow you down.

Unlock All 38 Characters!

Of course, you get to run as Sonic in the races. He’s one of the four unlocked characters after you download Sonic Forces APK along with Amy, Tails, and Cream. You’re most likely stuck with these four as it’s no joke unlocking the other characters.

There are 38 Runners in the Sonic Forces new version and they are categorized into four classes: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Special. Their class determines their overall power level and the levels of the three main skills namely Speed, Acceleration, and Strength, which are measured on a scale of 1-10.


The Speed aspect is usually high for any character class, but not the Acceleration and Strength. Acceleration refers to how fast the Runner can reach its top speed. Strength has something to do with their response time when they’re attacked with an Item or when they bump into an obstacle.

Win the Races and Collect the Best Rewards

One of the reasons you’ll keep playing Sonic Forces APK is because it’s a generous game when it comes to free rewards. You’re sure to collect a Battle Chest for every race you join. You’ll get a Victory Chest when you placed within the top 3 by end of the race.

Chests are common sources of Cards; each Runner requires a certain number of collected cards to unlock them. Cards for unlocked Runners are needed so they can level up and be upgraded.

Winning in the top 3 also rewards you with Trophies: 30 for 1st place, 18 for 2nd place, and 6 for 3rd place. In some races, you’ll even get Trophy deductions when you finish last. Collecting Trophies are needed to reach higher Tiers that will then unlock more challenging tracks and more rewarding Chests.

Gold Rings are the most common in-game money and they’re the easiest to collect. You’ll pay Runner upgrades with Gold Rings.


Red Star Rings are the premium currency in Sonic Forces. It’s not widely available and you can only get them by chance through Chests or by buying them with real money. You can use these to purchase Gold Rings, get exclusive Loot Chests, and unlock multiple Victory Chests simultaneously.

Your Favorite Sonic Characters in 3D!

We all love the classic Sonic, but we’d be lying if we say we don’t appreciate a 3D version of the speedster hedgehog because we do! Luckily, the Sonic Forces boasts amazing 3D models of Sonic and the rest of the characters.

Try not to get distracted during races as you admire how amazing the tracks and the environments are in this game. They’re full of striking colors and every track is drawn with superb attention to detail.

Tracks feature a roller coaster-like segment and the animation will really make you feel like you’re spinning at 360° with your chosen Runner. That’s how great the 3D graphics are in this game!

Best Tips to Win Races and Earn Upgrades

Yes, you know Sonic very well but don’t get all too confident in this game because Sonic Forces is packed with new challenges. Follow these tips before joining the battle races and don’t miss any opportunity to win and collect as many rewards as possible.


Maximize the bonuses in every race: During a match, you’ll see a Gold Rings counter on the top-right corner of the screen. Once you’ve collected 100 Rings, your Runner’s movement will automatically speed up.

Try your best to hit the acceleration launch pads. It’s the black tiles with shiny blue arrows pointing forward. It will give you an immediate speed boost.

You’ll also see luminous balls with yellow question marks in it. Hitting them will activate your Runner’s Items, which you can then use to either speed up your movement or attack your opponents to slow them down.

Don’t underestimate the obstacles: Consider yourself warned; obstacles in Sonic Forces are no joke. You’ll often find yourself asking, “Where did that come from?” Better pay attention and be ready to switch lanes when necessary.

Hitting the obstacles or falling off the track will not take you out of the race. However, they will really affect your momentum. If your Runner has a low Strength level, you’ll take a longer time to recover and accelerate again. When this happens, keep an eye for those launch pads!


Learn the Items of your chosen Runner: Every Runner has three Items; usually, two of them can be used as attacks while the other one is meant to give you a speed boost. Sonic has Power Sneakers that gives him a burst of a speed boost. Sonic also has Fireball and Ice Mine that sends flame to the opponent or freezes them during the race.

Knowing what your Items do will help you plan better when’s the best time to use them. Also, make sure you’re in the same lane as your target before you use the attack Items – the attacks only go in a single direction.

Upgrade your favorite Runners: You have a better chance at leveling up the available Runners than waiting for the Super Rare and Special Runners to be unlocked. It’s best to invest in upgrades.

The Upgrade bar will turn green once you’ve collected enough cards, you can then pay them with Gold Rings. Upgrading your Runners will improve their Items one at a time making their effects longer-lasting or stronger.

Sonic Forces APK

Your best chance of getting the best Runners is by acquiring Loot Chests, which are only available with Red Star Rings. Lucky for you, there’s a free download of the Sonic Forces APK that gives you god mode among other advantages. Go ahead and install the latest version on your Android device and dominate in the battle races!

Download Sonic Forces [314.11 Mb]


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