Pikmin Bloom APK 92.0

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Do you want to enjoy a fun and new unique adventure game? Try Pikmin Bloom APK for Android now and enjoy an augmented reality game from Nintendo. Enjoy it now.

Pikmin Bloom APK 92.0
Name Pikmin Bloom
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 92.0
Size 145.51 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Niantic, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.nianticlabs.pikmin

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Download Pikmin Bloom APK – Adventure Game

Do you love playing with unique games today? There are so many fun ones that have been created over the years that you can enjoy. If you’re someone who enjoys adventure games, so many amazing games are available right now for you.

You’re able to enjoy so many games that will let you enjoy a casual walk down the park like Pikmin Bloom! This is a unique game from Nintendo and Niantic that you can enjoy right now.

pikmin bloom apk

If you’re familiar with Pokémon Go, the game has a similar concept in which it uses augmented reality to fuse reality with a digital game. Here, you can walk around the world as you can load a seedling into your planter.

Then, you can pluck a Pikmin after enough steps so you can let them join you wherever you go! Here, you can deepen your friendship so they may give you a gift that lets you unlock a Décor Pikmin.

Enjoy Walking with Pikmin Bloom

There have been many enjoyable games that were published all over the world today. If you’re someone who loves playing adventure games, there are always new and exciting games you can play. From RPG to open-world adventure games, you’re able to explore a game full of unique experiences.

But what if you want to play a game where you can mix it with reality? If you want a similar experience to Pokémon Go, you can download Pikmin Bloom today and enjoy.

pikmin bloom apk download

In this game, you’ll have fun walking around in your neighborhood and enjoying unlocking Pikmin. These are cute creatures that are similar to plants as they’re around you in the app. Here, you can walk around to grow and pluck them and then have them join you in your journey.

You can unlock as many Pikmin as you can, as there are so many unique ones. You can also deepen your relationship with them, and they’ll become a Décor Pikmin. Here, the app will track your steps throughout the day!

Enjoy walking today as you can grow your Pikmin squad here.

Highlights of Pikmin Bloom

If you’re someone who enjoys walking, then Pikmin Bloom is the perfect app to install today.

Walk around and enjoy – There are so many games that we can enjoy right now. Games have been around for a long time, but we can enjoy them more now, thanks to smartphones. Many games are available right now, like action, puzzle, simulation, shooting, and more.

But with Pikmin Bloom, you’re able to enjoy a unique adventure game where you can collect Pikmins! Here, these are adorable plant-like creatures that will accompany you when you walk.

pikmin bloom apk app

In this app, you’re able to enjoy seeing your Pikmins bloom and walk with you as you can collect them from various places. You can collect Pikmins and feed them nectar to help them grow flowers on their head.

Here, Pikmins will follow you on your every journey, and you can even send them on adventures. There are also Décor Pikmins, a rare breed that you can randomly get depending on where you picked up the seedling. This game should now encourage you to walk more!

Pluck and collect Pikmins – To start the game, you’ll need to load a seedling into your planter pack, and then you can walk. Here, you can pluck Pikmins after walking, and they’ll be part of your group.

They’ll follow you wherever you go as you can enjoy a fun adventure with them. You can also send them to pick up seedlings and fruits as they remember every place you go. Here, you’re able to grow your squad to be as big as you want. There’s even a rare Pikmin called Décor that you can get.

pikmin bloom apk android

Feed your Pikmins – In this game, you can collect petals from flowers and feed them to your Pikmin to help them grow faster. You can enjoy a fun app where you can also take pictures to cherish your memories here.

Have fun exploring various areas by walking with your Pikmins today! There are many fun adventures and memories that you can create with them.

Daily steps – The app will also record every step that you take while using it. You can take a look at your steps each day so you can see your progress. The more you walk, the more Pikmins and flowers you can plant today! Make every walk more memorable now!

Download Pikmin Bloom APK – Latest version

Who says walking is boring? With Pikmin Bloom, you can make it more exciting by collecting Pikmins!

Download Pikmin Bloom [145.51 Mb]


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