Rehman APK 1.0

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Do you want to study the Muslim bible? Download Rehman APK so you can get amazing audio translations, graphics, and the ability to select the language.

Rehman APK 1.0
Name Rehman
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 6 MB
Category Tools
Developer Mohamed
Price Free

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Download Rehman APK – Quran Bible

Apps are literal lifesavers for many people. There are many uses for different apps which is why developers create different ones today.

Rehman is an app that features the Quran which is the Muslim equivalent of the bible. The app features various verses with different languages which you can read it in. Thus, anyone can understand the verses with ease.

rehman apk android

The app features audio commentary as it provides many translations for different scriptures. It’s an app that anyone can download regardless of their religion and affiliation.

In this app, you can read the verses in different languages complete with the original graphics and texts. In this post, we’ll delve deep into what makes this app a must have.

Analysis of Rehman

Muslims are one of the most religious people on Earth. They keep a lot of practices sacred which is evidenced by their many temples and followers. For Muslims, their time is well spent each day as they meditate and pray on different intervals.

Rehman helps with studying the word of Allah as the app features 78 verses. This Surah is recited after the Friday Fire prayer, and it makes it convenient for everyone.

rehman apk free download

The app features many capabilities that you just can’t get with a physical Quran. Things like audio commentaries, graphics, and translations can be enjoyed in the app. Not to mention, the app is free and can be downloaded anytime.

How to Use Rehman

Rehman is an app that presents many scriptures from Quran. Here, Muslims can enjoy meditating with just the use of their smartphones. Its application is easy, and anyone can get used to it immediately.

After downloading the app, the user can access many verses. There are different graphic texts with the original Quran so you can appreciate the verses more. But you can also translate them in different languages and enjoy the audio commentary.

The beauty of this app can’t be quantified since it has many conveniences to use. You can just tap the virtual buttons to go to the next page, previous page or to play the commentaries.

Why You Should Get Rehman

With the help of technology, you can create a personal relationship with Allah. Here’s why you should get this app:

Supports many language translations – Muslim is a global religion that transcends time and location. Thus, many of the people today are having a hard time reading the Quran.

rehman apk

Thanks to Rehman, users can translate the texts into their language. The app supports languages like English, Shakir, Pithal, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, French, Indonesian, Persian, Italian and more.

Audio commentaries – There are also audio commentaries which you can utilize here. These feature the voices of famous persons like Al-Afse, Al-Ghamdi, As-Sudais and Abdus Samad. In each verse, you can play the commentaries which adds to the verses.

Customize the font size and text color – In Rehman, you can customize the font size so you can read the texts easier. What’s more is that the text colors can also be personalized as well. Users can then highlight important phrases easily.

Silent or Aloud mode – You can also choose to toggle between silent and aloud modes. The silent mode allows you to just read the text without the disturbance from the audio commentary. But if you want the app to recite the texts aloud, then you can turn the Aloud mode on.

Play and pause – The app also features a play and pause button which will allow you to take your time meditating the verses. This allows for a flexibility as you can go back to certain verses or go forward if you want.

rehman apk download

Profits and blessings section – There’s also a profits and blessings section in the app. This features the rewards that Muslims can get by learning this Surah. 

Beginner Friendly

There’s also a lot of guidelines stored in the app for beginners to read. Even if you download the app without reading this post, you can easily get the hang of it. The app is designed for users so they can easily meditate the verses with ease. Thus, you’ll find many customizations to do even in the backgrounds.

Download Rehman APK – latest version

Are you a Muslim who wants to meditate the verses? Download Rehman so you can meditate anytime and anywhere.

Download Rehman [6 MB]
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