Prototype APK 1.02

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Download Prototype APK and have fun playing this action-filled video game. Take James heller on his quest to destroy Alex Mercer. Fight hard battles on this journey. 

Prototype APK 1.02
Name Prototype
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.02
Size 11 MB
Category Action
Developer Sophia Studio
Price Free

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An in-depth description of Prototype APK

 Prototype APK is one of the many games under the umbrella of the famous Activision gaming company. Activision has released different exciting games over the years, but Prototype APK is one that players have grown fond of, and it has become viral. This is because of its fascinating storyline and cool open-world gameplay.

prototype apk

Prototype APK 590 is an open-world action game that takes place in the city of New York City, and the game is about a male character named James Haller and his journey to get revenge on his enemy Alex mercer after he had lost his beloved friends & family and also all of his valuable belongings. The Blacklight virus was developed and released by Mercer, and it infected many people in the city of New York, including his family.

A part of the city of New York has been declared infected due to the wide spread of the virus and how many people have been exposed to it and with other abominations locked up. The area is now called the red zone, and in this game, you take James Haller through the deepest parts of it.

This game is a single-player game where you take control of James Haller and play with him as you go on different action-filled missions, where you face various obstacles and enemies on your request to avenge your lost ones.

This game was initially designed only to be played on popular consoles but in recent times, Prototype APK Android 50 was released. Once the file has been downloaded and installed, you can enjoy playing this famous game from the comfort of your mobile device.

Prototype APK was released in august 2015, and Radical Entertainment developed it. Since this game has different forms of violence and strong use of language, it was rated 18+, meaning adults and people who are of age can play this game. It isn’t advisable for children or those who aren’t mature yet to play this game as it will be too explicit and negatively affect them. Prototype APK has intuitive gameplay and controls that are straightforward, and you won’t have any problems playing this game as the operations are on the screen of your device and tapping them performs the actions.

People hardly ever complain about this game as it isn’t seen as complex, so what are guy waiting for? The Prototype APK download 110 has enough missions and features to keep players interested.

Prototype APK gameplay and concept

 The Prototype APK gameplay is practically identical to the versions on the consoles, as with the use of the on-screen controller, you can do almost the same activities and actions that you can perform in other versions.

prototype apk android

There are different levels and missions in this game. Still, the main objective is to use James Haller, the main character, to go on various tasks, face fierce opponents & discover different ways to get your revenge on the evil Mercer.

Apart from the main campaign story, there are multiple side quests and missions that players can play. Completing these side missions increases your overall progress in the game, and also you can enjoy receiving rewards and bonuses when you meet each one.

There are different collectable items available that you can either collect as you progress in the game or unlock. These items aid your gameplay and make it easier for you to play.

In this game, you will come up against different opponents and have to fight multiple times. The game follows the usual combat and dodging system where you have to form different combos to get better attacks and also appropriately time your dodges to make sure you don’t take too much damage.

Apart from the combos and attacks, the game always has special powers that make fighting more convenient for you. There is a power selection wheel in the game that allows you to assign different special abilities and quickly access them during fierce battles. These abilities are advised to be used during fighting with more vigorous opponents as it increases your chances of getting the win.

As said previously, Prototype APK is an open-world game, and there are different locations that players can enjoy going to. This game has three distinct zones, the green zone, which is practically a safe zone for people to stay in as the government protects it. A yellow zone is where people find shelter but are slightly contaminated, and a red zone is where it is fully infected. The authorities are constantly in battle against nasty abominations.

The cool thing about everything is that you can enjoy this game without paying anything. The game is free, and the Prototype APK free download for android 50 is available for you. Once you start playing this game, you won’t want to stop as it is fascinating and has an intriguing storyline.

Prototype APK game features

 There are a lot of features in this game. Some of them are:

prototype apk download
  • Easy controls

The Prototype APK mobile version has convenient controls and operations. An on-screen controller has different functions, and when you press them, they perform other actions in the game. People barely complain about the game being hard to play, and controlling your character is relatively simple. Once you start playing the game, you will notice that it is not complex.

  • Fascinating storyline

One thing that players of this game love about it are the exciting storyline. The story of this game is practically like a movie with different twists & turns, and this pushes players to continue playing. Have fun playing the game, facing tough opponents and also enjoying a fascinating story.

  • It is free

Prototype APK is a free game that you can download and start playing. You don’t have to worry about paying a fee to download or subscribe while playing the game. Once you install the APK file, you are allowed to enjoy the whole game. The Prototype APK free download 10 is available here.

  • Different special powers

There are different unique abilities that you can use in this game to make your battles with fierce opponents more interesting. There are many powers, and you discover more as you advance in the game. Add these powers to your particular power wheel and quickly have access to them during fights.

prototype apk free download for android
  • Graphics and sounds

One exciting thing players should look out for is the excellent graphics in the game. The open-world game is on a three-dimensional platform, and the game has proper illustrations. There is also a perfect sound system.


Prototype APK is an exciting game that has a fantastic storyline and fantastic gameplay, with many levels and different opponents to face. Players will never get bored of playing this game.

Download Prototype [11 MB]
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