Tacticool APK 1.68.13

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Download Tacticool APK - latest version - free to jump into a fast-paced 5v5 competitive shooter crafted for Android devices, phones and tablets.

Tacticool APK 1.68.13
Name Tacticool
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.68.13
Size 1.02 Gb
Category Action
Developer Panzerdog
Price Free
Google Play Link com.panzerdog.tacticool

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Tacticool is mobile gaming’s answer to Counter Strike and Valorant, a well-crafted 5v5 competitive shooting game for Android. With tactical gameplay, great controls, and a range of different characters and weapons to choose from, this game features a ranked system as well as plenty of other interesting features. The game, developed by Panzerdog, also receives regular updates and is supported well by the dev team. If you’re looking for something a bit more intense to play in your mobile gaming downtime, Tacticool is it.


Yes, the game does contain micro-transactions, and these powerful weapons can be the decider in certain situations. However, most of the fun comes from the game’s ranked system, which looks to put you against players of similar skill. This is ideal for those just starting out as you get to play with other new players, and as you progress you’ll find the matches more challenging and the victories more rewarding. Master the physics, weapons, and even the cars, and you’ll soon become a skilled Tacticool player.

Best Features of Tacticool

There are few competitive shooters on mobile, mostly because the controls usually don’t cater to precise aim. However, Tacticool has found a way around this with an intuitive system that relies as much on strategy and tactics as it does on your ability to shoot a gun with your finger. Sticking together as a team is very important, and while you might want to stop and admire the game’s great graphics and detailing, you shouldn’t let your attention drop in the middle of a fight. Here are some of the game’s best features and why you should download Tacticool today.


Different Operators and Classes

Classic competitive shooters give you a lot of options when it comes to your character’s loadout. Whether it be character specific loadouts, unique abilities and guns, or just general cosmetic appearance, no tactical shooter is perfect without plenty of customisation. Tacticool has a range of different operators (there are over 20 to begin with!) with different abilities, and they can all wield different types of weapons. From the sniper to the heavy LMG, play around with the different loadouts to find out which one suits your style of gameplay.

Over 50 Different Weapons To Buy And Upgrade

As well as the different operator classes there’s also a wide range of different weapons to choose from, over 50 to be precise. You can unlock these by playing the game or paying for them with real money. These weapons include pistols, LMGs, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and much more. Each gun is unique and handles differently, some are better for short range, some are better from long distance. As you play with the different guns you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons to increase their power, essentially allowing for further customisation and differentiation in competitive play.


Comprehensive Physics-based Combat System

This top-down third-person competitive 5v5 shooter has a fleshed out combat system which makes use of real-world physics to keep the battles fresh. You can blow up cars, destroy cover, and kill enemies behind walls. Many of the objects dotted around the map can be destroyed for strategic advantage, and over time you’ll start to learn the intricacies of each map. There’s a big difference between a beginner and experienced player and map knowledge makes up a big part of that. You might want to pick up a rocket launcher to start experimenting on the different arenas…

Guns...And Cars

Another great feature in Tacticool is your ability to hop into a car and drive into the action with your squad blazing from the windows. Think GTA or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and shrink it onto your phone screen. These cars are a huge strategic difference in each map and how you team utilises this mobility can be make or break. Choose your best driver and then select who is going to be taking fire from the windows - assemble the right team and you might end up doing really well with a car.


Zombies...Yes, There Are Zombies

Need a break from the competitive 5v5 action? Keep getting stomped by great 5-man teams? Head to the zombie mode to take some of that built-up anger on a few shambling corpses. This is a great way to get warmed up with certain loadouts, guns and operators and also just have a lot of blowing a bunch of zombies to smithereens. Think about - what good shooting game DOESN’T include zombies? You can still earn rewards and upgrades in the zombie mode so it can also be a good way to get started in the game.

An Online Community For Friends And Gamers In Tacticool

While it’s great fun to jump into a game on your own, a lot of the fun in Tacticool comes with the ability to play with up to four of your friends. These could be real life friends who have all downloaded the game, or you can find other groups to play with online. The game has a built-in social system which allows you to send messages and add friends, but also has a developer-supported Discord channel where you can find others to play with and make brand new virtual friends. Assemble your team and take down the opposition - it’s that simple!


Tips and Tricks for Tacticool

Here’s a very quick starter guide for Tacticool, as the game can seem overwhelming at first. First, never upgrade a gun that is lower in power than the MKVI, otherwise it’s a waste of your precious in-game currency. Assault rifles are an ideal playstyle to start out with as they are mostly defensive, used for holding angles and taking down enemies from medium range. For more skilled players, an aggressive shotgun push usually works out well. Lastly, if you’re playing as a squad, it’s a great idea to have your voice comms turned on, even if you’re only listening to your team! Crucial battle information in the heat of the moment can make a world of difference.

Download Tacticool APK

Sick of getting killed by players with awesome gear? Download the newest version of Tacticool apk and unlock everything with unlimited money.

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