Police Patrol Simulator Mod APK 1.3.2

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Want to try becoming a policeman? In Police Patrol Simulator you will become a policeman who will patrol the streets in search for criminals! Catch them now!

Police Patrol Simulator Mod APK 1.3.2
Name Police Patrol Simulator
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3.2
Size 102.49 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer SkisoSoft
Price Free
Google Play Link com.skisosoft.pps

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There are police in almost every country in the world today. They are present to protect and serve the citizens all over the country. Their job entails doing dangerous things like pursuit and catching offenders. If you’ve always wanted to become one, you should play Police Patrol Simulator today. This simulation game perfectly simulates the job of a police patrolman who goes around the city every day.

police patrol simulator mod apk

In this game, you’ll need to patrol the city in search for offenders of the law that are breaking the laws. There are people who drive drunk, people who go over the speed limit and those that cause accidents. It’s your duty to apprehend these people and issue them tickets as you’ll decide the appropriate fine fee. As you accomplish more things, you can then move up the ranks so you can unlock more cars and areas in the game. Enjoy fulfilling your job today and restoring order in the city!

Become a Policeman

The police exist solely to protect the citizens and restore order to the cities. This is why you’ll see them in every town and city around the world today. A lot of people would love to become a policeman when they grow up because the job is a cool one. But if you wanted to try doing their jobs, you should download Police Patrol Simulator today. This is a simulation game that perfectly replicates the duties of a police patrol officer in the city.

police patrol simulator apk latest version

Here, you’ll get behind the wheel of a police car and patrol the whole city every single day. This fun game from SkisoSoft lets you catch those breaking the laws specifically on the streets. Here, you’ll approach the vehicles so you can see if they’ve broken any laws. You’ll be given a siren that allows you to exert the authority given to you by the law. Arrest people who are speeding, who cause accidents and those that are intoxicated while driving.

Here, the more people you arrest, the more XP and rewards you can get. You must do your job well so you can go up the ranks and unlock more cars!

Police Patrol Simulator Features

Have you always wanted to drive a police car? How about becoming a policeman? In Police Patrol Simulator, you’ll be able to do both!

police patrol simulator apk free download

Patrol the City – The police are the civil force of a national and local governments who are responsible for keeping order in the country. You’ll see them in almost every city and town around the globe today. They are the ones who catch offenders and criminals who break the law. If you’re courageous enough to get into this line of duty, you should try Police Patrol Simulator first. This game simulates the duties of a police officer who roams around the town in patrol.

Here, you’ll patrol the city every day in search for offenders of the law. You will need to be alert as there are many people who drive around the streets every day. You’ll be able to see people who’ve broken the law as you roam around the streets today. Here, you can arrest people who are intoxicated, speeding and those that cause accidents. Enjoy the realistic driving experience complete with the horn, steering wheel and more.

download police patrol simulator for android

Drive a Police Car – Police officers need to get to the crime scene and patrol the streets to restore order. Here, you get to drive different police cars that you can unlock by getting more arrests. Here, you can fully drive a car just like in real life. You can access the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, turn signals, shift paddles, horns, and sirens as well. You can also freely change the camera view so you can get a first-person view inside the car or a 3rd person view outside the car.

Catch Offenders – Here, you will need to patrol the city constantly so you can catch offenders. The more you patrol, the more you will get to catch offenders. You’ll be able to see what they did wrong such as driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and causing accidents. Here, you’ll impose the appropriate fine fee by issuing a ticket.

police patrol simulator mod apk new update

Unlock more cars – In Police Patrol Simulator, you can unlock different types of police cars the more you catch offenders. As you move up the ranks, you can get more rewards and XP so you can unlock these cars. There are many types of police cars available today that you can unlock! Enjoy unlocking them today by arresting offenders.

Great Graphics – This game has great graphics that allows you to freely drive around the city. There are stoplights, cars and many buildings and trees in the game.

Police Patrol Simulator APK – Latest version

In Police Patrol Simulator, you get to become a police officer that roams around the streets in search for offenders.

Download Police Patrol Simulator [102.49 Mb]


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