Police Chase APK 1.5.4

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The police are hot on your tail. Avoid them at all costs and have them smash and explode to ensure your escape. Download the simple ASMR game Police Chase for Android to begin the action.

Police Chase APK 1.5.4
Name Police Chase
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.5.4
Size 28.19 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer welconnect
Price Free
Google Play Link com.acabchase

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4 is hot on your tail. Make sure to get away and avoid them no matter what it takes. Swerve passed obstacles and have them explode in a fiery wrath, as you continue your getaway. Download Police Chase for Android and you’ll experience a fun and addicting chasing game of cops and robbers first-hand.

How to Play Police Chase

First of all, the controls of the game are super-simple to understand. You’ll simply need to tap on the left and right sides of your screen in order to move and steer your vehicle. This makes the game easy to operate, even with only one hand. So, multitasking is definitely an option. Although, we would recommend keeping both hands on the wheel and eye on the road at all times.

Police Chase Mod APK

The objective is also clear. There is a timer on the top of the screen. You will need to last as long as possible, while avoiding the police who are chasing you. This will rack you more points and money at the end of your run. Furthermore, there is a health bar included with your car. Once the police have smashed into you enough times, you’ll explode, ending the chase once and for all.

Police Chase APK Latest Version

So, this is a test of attrition. Who will survive? Make sure to swerve along different obstacles. This will make the police crash into walls, borders, and each other. Continue to have them lost in your tracks as your drift along the map.

Buy New Cars

Use your earned money to purchase even more vehicles for your chase. The best sports car will be available for $50,000. In the end, you’ll need to work hard and avoid tons of police to earn this amazing and speed car for yourself. However, there might be another method in obtaining this car for yourself. Just download Police Chase for Android through our website and you’ll have instant access. Here’s how…

Police Chase APK Free Download

Just install the Police Chase APK unlimited money download file from the link provided. This will have you instantly access the best cars of the game as soon as you start. So, the chase will already be as epic and action-packed as possible from the very beginning!

Police Chase APK Free Download

Don’t let the police catch you. You are a free spirit that deserves to rule the streets. They will continue to pursue until the end of time. But, that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get caught. See how long you can last in the game. Download the Police Chase APK latest Version now.

Download Police Chase [28.19 Mb]


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