Pocket Sniper APK 1.2.17

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Download Pocket Sniper Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to play a shooting puzzle game with shooting elements! Try to solve complex puzzles now.

Pocket Sniper APK 1.2.17
Name Pocket Sniper
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.17
Size 80.82 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer JP Group limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.jpgroup.pocketsniper
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There are tons of puzzle games right now in the market. They are popular because they provide a unique gameplay, fun and challenging levels. These games are everywhere right now because of the success they get. If you’re looking for these types of games, then you’ll love this one!


Pocket Sniper is a puzzle game developed by JP Group Limited. It has over 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store alone! At first look, you’ll mistake this for a shooting game alone. But when you play it, you’ll realize that this has tons of puzzles for you! This game combines shooting with puzzle elements to make it more exciting. Solve the puzzle by being the best sniper! Read on to learn more.

What is Pocket Sniper?

Puzzle games are everywhere right now. It seems that there are more people who want to play these games than other genres. This is because they often don’t involve too much stories or none at all. This allows you to easily play them whenever you want and not have to spend too much time at all. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then you’ll love this one!


Pocket Sniper is a game developed by JP Group Limited. This awesome and unique puzzle game has over 100 thousand downloads now in Google Play Store. In this game, you get to play as a sniper who needs to shoot down things and people to solve the puzzle. The levels are unique and you need to use your brain if you want to eliminate multiple enemies in one shot. Read on to learn more!


Features of Pocket Sniper

Pocket Sniper is a unique puzzle game that allows you to shoot and eliminate people to solve the puzzle! There are plenty of things to expect in this game. Here are its features:

Unique game – Puzzle games are everywhere these days. They range from something as simple as Chess to more complex and unique ones. But if you’re looking for the ultimate unique and action-packed game, then this one’s for you! Pocket Sniper is a puzzle sniper game that allows you to eliminate multiple enemies using your rifle. Solve complex puzzles and look for the best outcome. In here, there are plenty of unique levels that you need to solve. You can also collect sniper rifles to make everything more exciting! Overall, this is a pretty solid game that blends the 2 genres seamlessly.


Tons of levels – This game features tons of levels for you to complete! Each level is unique and has their own number of people, contraptions and buildings. Therefore, you must think hard as to how you’ll shoot the things to solve it in one fell swoop. Sometimes you just need to blow a tank. Other times, you may need to shoot a certain wood to throw the balance of the things around it. This game truly makes you use your common sense to the fullest!


Weapons – In this game, you’ll mainly use sniper rifles. You can collect up to 5 unique sniper rifles to carry out your missions! Each of them shoots differently and gives a different vibe. They cost money so make sure to clear the bonus stages as well to get more money!

Graphics – At first glance, this game may look like an ordinary shooting one. But in reality, it’s a shooting game with puzzle mechanics. You must shoot wisely in order to eliminate the targets efficiently. This allows you to use different elements within the game to think like an assassin.


Controls – In this game, you don’t need to move your character since you’re a sniper. You only just need to aim by swiping across the screen. You can then shoot your rifle by tapping the screen.

Download Pocket Sniper Mod APK – Unlimited money

Pocket Sniper is a unique puzzle game that allows you to eliminate multiple targets! Download the unlimited money mod now!

Download Pocket Sniper [80.82 Mb]


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