Playdead Inside APK 1.0

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If you’re not afraid of the dark, download Playdead Inside APK now and enjoy a horror platformer game. You must find your way back home here! Can you play this game?

Playdead Inside APK 1.0
Name Playdead Inside
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 11 MB
Category Adventure
Developer Farkim Team
Price Free

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Horror games aren’t considered as popular as other genres like action or adventure games. However, thy have been gaining popularity over the years and people now enjoy these games openly. Most horror games today are a combination of other genres so players won’t be bored of these games. So, if you love LIMBO, then you should definitely play Playdead Inside full game! This is a game made by the same guys who created the smash hit LIMBO!

playdead inside apk

This game was published by Playdead so you can pretty much expect the same gorgeous graphics and incredible storyline. Here, you’ll enjoy a 2.5D graphics and simply controls that allows you to go left or right. In this game, you’ll need to find a way back home but it’s a long way from there! Before that, you’ll need to go through many obstacles and challenges first that you need to overcome. Here, you can move objects and hide as well as use other things in order to survive.

The Best Horror Platformer

Some of the best games you can play today doesn’t always involve intense gameplays and highly-realistic graphics. In fact, people are enjoying simple games more now as more developers create them. So, if you love playing simple and horror games, then you can enjoy quite a lot of them now. These games are simple yet they offer intense action scenes for us to enjoy. One of the best games to come out recently is Playdead Inside and it’s a game that you’ll thoroughly enjoy!

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Here, you will need to go through different challenges just to go home! The game is set in 1935 where the war is on going and you’re just a victim to it. You must find a way to return home without getting help from anyone in this harsh environment. Here, you’ll face many natural obstacles and challenges that will force you to give up many times. But if you’re brave enough, you can overcome these obstacles and return home.

There are many stages available in the game and you can freely move forward and backward. You can also interact with certain objects when it’s needed!

Playdead Inside Features

There are many adventure platformers available today but have you ever wanted to play a horror platformer? In Playdead Inside, you’ll need to go home!

playdead inside apk obb download

Find your way home – When we were kids, we were probably lost a lot. This is completely normal because as kids, we don’t know which way to go and which way is our home. But thankfully, we would always make it home either with our parents finding us or with strangers helping us. But in the game Playdead Inside, you’re lost at the worst moment in time which is when there’s a war going on. Because of this, everyone’s on edge and they will not hesitate to kill kids.

In this game, you must brave through plenty of challenging natural obstacles that may come in your way. This game does a great job of introducing challenges that blend nicely with the story. Here, the challenges are far from superficial horror games where they’re polluted by fictional monsters. Here, you’ll face real dangers such as rabid dogs, mercenaries, researchers and another people. You must use your wits and strength in order to get away from them.

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Many stages – In this game, you can play a lot of obstacles that are continuous. This means that you’ll face many stages here that are in continuation with one another. The entirety of the game is just you trying to find you way back home without stopping for anything. This means you must brave through countless different lands, scenarios and challenges on your way. This is a truly exciting game that will challenge your courage and wits and you’ll need to be able to go through different obstacles here.

Various obstacles – This game does a great job of creating obstacles that are embedded in the game. This means that there’s no way of knowing what obstacles you’ll face up ahead until you’ve faced them! But the most common things you’ll face here are dangerous animals, people who want to kill you, cliffs, heights and many more. But if you think about it, this is more of a puzzle game than a horror!

playdead inside apk full version

Insane graphics – This game doesn’t boast colorful graphics like what you might expect on a battle royale game. But the colors and the realistic graphics are pretty enough to make you play the game. Here, everything looks realistic which is why it’s addictive!

Easy controls – To play the game, the controls are as simple as they can be. You just need to move left or right and interact with objects!

Download Playdead Inside APK  – Latest version

If you love horror platformer games, then Playdead Inside is the game for you! Try to find you way back home now.

Download Playdead Inside [11 MB]


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